Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You could save a lot on eyeglasses, if your Optician would let you

There is a new trend among Opticians that really sucks. A lot of them refuse to measure your PD (pupil distance) and give you the information. Why? Obviously because they are afraid you might shop for your eyeglasses elsewhere and they won't get all of your money. Is that fair? Of course not but like I said, its a growing trend. I have been reading some discussions about this online and its hard to believe that so many Opticians that are supposedly in business to help others, are so selfish.

Let me explain further. You can order eyeglasses at huge savings online, but you have to have your PD measurement so they know which eyeglasses you need. Opticians know that if they refuse to give you the PD, you have to buy your eyeglasses from them, thus all the money is theirs.

Now let me point out that Opticians are doctors. They are not salesmen and you are not required to purchase from them. Consider that medical doctors don't require you to buy your medical supplies from them; they simply charge you for the diagnosis. Why should it be any different for Opticians? Lets be fair guys! A person has the right to pay for an examination and expect that the findings of that examination belongs to them. Money spent, services paid for, results received. It should be as simple as that!

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