Friday, August 20, 2010

A new battery costs more than a new phone, battery included

We bought a new telephone last weekend and once again it proved that our country has a throw away mentality. We had 3 good cordless phones already but the batteries are getting weak. A new battery would make them as good as new, but when I checked battery prices I found out that the new battery cost as much or more than a new phone.

I don’t understand how that can be but I have seen it happen many times. Surely it costs money to manufacture a new phone, but yet the phone, complete with a new battery just like I need for my old phones, is cheaper than just buying a new battery. Theoretically I could buy a new phone just to get the included battery, throw the new phone in the trash, put the new battery in my old phone, and still save money. Ok, now I am confused.

I have a closet full of printers for our computers. Several years ago I was about to buy a new ink cartridge for a printer when I noticed that there was a similar printer with cartridges included that cost less than the ink cartridges alone. I thought what the heck and bought the new printer. After that, every time I needed a new ink cartridge I would simply buy a printer instead, and save several dollars. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but as long as it works I will ride it until it quits. I am hoping that someday when the battery in my truck goes dead I can save money by buying a new car instead, battery included of course…

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