Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life is so easy that we are spoiled rotten

I am a former semi-professional musician. I have been playing music for more than 40 years and have spent countless hours practicing and enjoying my craft. I have always taken great pride in the fact that I endured and persevered until I became a pretty good musician. A few years back a friend and I were playing music in his shop building and he hooked up a small keyboard. It was probably worth less than $100 and was bought in a department store. I was amazed when he punched a few buttons and the keyboard started playing on its own! It played every instrument and did it perfectly. Frankly it could play circles around me and never made a mistake. I remember thinking at the time that it didn't seem fair that something so cheap and insignificant could so easily beat me after all my years of practice. It was an introduction to how far technology has come and how easy things are nowadays.

It started me thinking. We have entertainment brought right into our homes via tv and video games. We have all of the worlds information at our fingertips with computers and internet. Experts teach us that we are not really responsible for our actions, our debts, or even the welfare of our families if we don't want to be. I kept thinking and it came to my mind that maybe we are not so lucky as we think. Maybe with these blessings come curses. Curses of laziness, ineptitude, carelessness, loss of moral values, etc etc. Instead of using modern technology to better our lives, we use it instead to give us more time to think of ways to do nothing. We teach it to our kids too. Its like we give them a handbook at birth "How to live your life without trying".

Don't get me wrong, I love tv, computers, video games, and most of the other technology that is so fun and interesting. I am an addict just like most other people. On the other hand I work every day. I still read books. I took the time, many years, to learn to play guitar and bass guitar. I am a doer and I use what I learn on tv and internet to help me along, to accomplish more. I am sure that I am not alone in that but truly we have a lazy spoiled society that expects handouts, easy living, and low responsibility. Where will it end? Unfortunately probably like the Roman society of long ago. We will probably get so spoiled that we will ruin it all and future generations may be back out in the fields, toiling in the sun for their food......

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