Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Superstitious ways to forecast the weather

We have had a very hot summer this year and there are web worms in a lot of our trees. We have a small walnut tree in our yard that is nearly dead from all of the worms and webs covering it.  Now I am wondering what kind of winter we will have. It seems that I remember hearing that a lot of web worms is a sign of a coming bad winter.

Thinking about that made me remember how many weather signs there are for forecasting the severity of winter. Most are probably based upon superstition but some seem to work pretty well. Here are a few that I can remember.

Check out the persimmon seeds. Split some open and in the center if you see the shape of a spoon it means a lot of snow. A knife means ice, and I am not sure what a fork means.

My mother counts the fogs in August. That corresponds directly to the number of snows we will have that winter. It actually seems to work. She is nearly always accurate in her predictions. When everyone else says that winter is over and spring is here mom will sometimes say, “no we have another snow coming”. It nearly always happens the way she says.

One weather sign that I myself use is a halo around the moon. When you see a big ring around the moon, the weather is going to get bad soon. You can pretty much bank on it. The ring is not close to the moon but is a huge circle in the sky with the moon at the center of the circle. Its a weird phenomenon and it means you better store some extra food and candles. Usually there will be snow or ice. Some people say to count the stars inside the circle and that is how many days before bad weather comes.

Sometimes these old weather forecasting signs seem to work better than the high tech equipment that meteorologists use today. Go figure….

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