Thursday, August 18, 2011

KillSlow will make your computer run like new again

What could possibly be more frustrating than a slow PC? You are in a hurry to get something done on your computer, and it just takes forever. Slow running computers can have lock ups, causing you to lose important information. It is aggravating to say the least, but it can also be costly when time is of the essence.

Many things can cause you to have a slow PC. Your computer could have a virus causing it to run slowly, or it could even be your antivirus program, or a different program, using up too much of your computer memory. At any rate there is now an answer to your problems, read on!

iYogi has started the KillSlow movement to put an end to slow running computers. The name says it all because their expertise will quickly end your computer woes. They have literally thousands of tech support experts to assist you when you call a toll free number. You can access the on-demand diagnosis and then the experts will guide you through every step to PC optimization. When you are finished your computer will run like new.

If you would like a chance to be featured on a TV commercial, check out and answer this question; “Why do you want to KillSlow”?

Don't waste time or risk losing valuable information due to computer malfunctions. Give KillSlow a try and get that computer back to running in high gear!

The UN wants us disarmed and defenseless

How many of you out there watch the tv show "Top Shot"? I am a fan of the show and I'm glad that it's a big hit. Top Shot pits 16 contestants against each other, with one being eliminated on each contest. The contestants have to make some very hard shots, and it is often is the underdog who wins. One reason I like the show is that it shows guns being used for fun and achievement, which is much unlike what the anti gun nuts make them out to be. I love guns and I am a strong advocate of the NRA. Our freedom is based on our ability to defend ourselves. Our government wants us to believe that we should give up our guns and depend on crooked officials for our safety. This is the same government that has put our country into the mess that we are in right now. They can't protect our country from themselves, much less violent criminals. There is no way that I will turn over my only means of defending myself and my family, and let that bunch of idiots decide my future.

A recent newsletter that I received from the NRA stated that the UN thinks that we Americans should be disarmed so we will be just like every other country in the world; defenseless, and at the mercy of crooked politicians, and the rich companies who buy them. My question is this; "What the heck does the UN care if we American citizens are armed or not"? Not that I really care what they think, but it's enough to make a person wonder just what their future intentions are. I urge all of you out there to buy guns and ammunition for them. If you are one of the ones that think that more gun laws or taking guns from honest citizens will solve our crime problems, let me tell you the real story. Have you been watching the news lately and noticed the riots, assaults, looting, and arson that is going on in London and other UK cities? For your information the UK has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. It started in 1996 when a deranged man walked into a Dunblane Scotland school and killed 16 kids and one teacher. The government officials decided that taking away all handguns from the citizens was the answer and they did. Unsurprisingly the crime rate soared, and is getting worse by the day. Why? Because criminals have nothing to fear. A gang can break into a house, rob, assault, rape, and pillage, and what is the man of the house going to do about it? He can't fight off a mob with a baseball bat. The same story is true for every city or country in the world that has taken away people's only means of protection. I am not giving up my guns and I hope you won't either. Guns are tools. They can be used for fun, for putting meat on the table, or for shooting the mad rapist that is coming through your window tonight intending to rape and kill your daughter and wife.