Monday, January 30, 2012

Guns are fun, but also necessary to our society

I love to target shoot and my wife is getting more and more interested in it too. We went out this evening and spent about 30 minutes shooting. I bought her a small shotgun a few months back, but we found out the hard way that even a small shotgun can have a big recoil. My wife is small and it knocks her back about six inches every time she fires it. Even I get a pretty good wallop from that little gun.

Accurate shooting and the proper handling of guns is something that we should all learn, even if you are not into guns or shooting as a sport. Guns are a tool and sometimes go from being simply fun or useful, to being absolutely necessary. The gun control nuts need to check out the specs before they speak, because in nearly every country that has instituted gun control, the crime rate has soared. “Why”, you ask? It’s simple; crooks have nothing to fear from defenseless people, and they also often have illegal guns. They are already breaking the law anyway so what does it matter? It’s only common sense that tells a criminal that it’s much safer to break into an undefended house than one where the owner is armed and ready. It’s time for us as a nation to stop being helpless victims and depending upon a crooked government that can’t even help themselves, to take care of us. Our country wouldn’t exist in the free state that it is today if it wasn’t for guns, both past and present. Be a citizen, not a subject; Buy a gun and learn to use it!

Good display techniques mean more money for merchants

Have you ever been to a super nice exhibit and noticed that even the floor covering under the exhibit is elegant and accentuates the advertised products? This is called trade show flooring and is used by many merchants to better show off their wares. There are several different types of this floor covering, including trade show carpet. These floor coverings have interlocking pieces to make them easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition to carpet you can get hardwood flooring; such as bamboo, and floor tiles; such as vinyl or soft rubber. It's all pretty neat really and it's something that most of us see a million times but don't think that much about. We do however, notice the nice displays that usually accompany this type of floor covering. Merchants that care enough about their product to spend the extra time and effort to attract customers in this manner will usually sell more than merchants that are careless with how they show their wares.

Another way that vendors use to attract customers is to display their products under a logo canopy. People tend to notice and remember a logo canopy better than a plain non-informative canopy. Displayers at festivals and fairs often use this type of canopy.

It's interesting when you think of it, just how merchants attract our attention, but it works. A lot of thought goes into getting products noticed, because no matter how good your items are; if people don't pay it any attention, it doesn't sell. Logo canopies and trade show flooring and carpet are just a few of the ways that help facilitate a sale.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anti-Reflective lenses are the way to go with your new eyeglasses

Zenni Optical has done it again! Not only do they have the lowest prices on high quality eyewear, they now have a very useful product called oleophobic lenses. These are lenses that have an anti reflective coating that will repel fingerprints, dust; even water and oil. It also reduces reflections that your glasses make in photographs and while driving or in overhead light. It's a pretty neat invention for sure, and one that everyone buying new eyeglasses should consider.

Zenni Optical is well known for their low priced eyeglasses. Some sell for less than $10, but are still high quality and stylish. So what would you expect to pay for a nice pair of eyeglasses that have the anti reflective coating mentioned above? I checked it out and found them for $35.95 each! That may be less that what you would pay for gasoline to shop around. If you spend more than $50 you also get free shipping, so buy a couple of pairs to accentuate your wardrobe.

Zenni keeps their prices low by manufacturing their own eyeglasses and sending them straight from the factory to you. There is no middle man and very little advertising. You are not paying for the name, you are paying for the quality. The name is free and it speaks for itself; Zenni Optical, check them out!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paranoid wife

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My wife and I have both had a very stressful past couple months at our jobs. We realized we needed a quick getaway. It didn’t matter where we went, but we really needed to get away. My wife has always been worried about leaving the house. She is paranoid about what might happen while we are away. Thankfully, we are able to check on our house at any time through It is a great feature and we definitely take advantage of it. My wife worries about everything and I know she is always thinking someone is out to get us. I try to comfort her, but I honestly think she is crazy. I think it is something she learned from her mother. Her mom watches too much television and therefore always dreams up the strangest situations. Even though my wife makes fun of her mom, she is just like her. I hope one day she sees it and gets rid of her paranoia, but I am not hopeful for that to happen anytime soon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vacation is over, but my thankfulness lives on

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are behind us and my week off is already gone. It’s back to the ol’ grind, but I have a lot to be thankful for. Even though it’s hard to get out of bed early every morning to go to work, I have to remember that I am lucky to have a job, and I am lucky that my job brings in enough money to pay for our needs, and a lot of our wants. Most of the world is not so lucky. I feel so sorry for some of the third world countries where people may work from sunup to sundown, and still not be able to even have enough to eat. We are a spoiled people here in America, used to having more than we need, and used to having the assurance of unemployment or welfare to help us along when times get hard. Once again, most of the world is not so lucky. A lot of people abuse our system and it makes me sick to see lazy people taking advantage of our hard work. When I was visiting overseas I saw old people and children begging, sometimes laying in the streets because they had nowhere else to go. It’s time for us here in America to take pride in what we can do, as individuals, and as a nation. Sometimes I wish the able people who refuse to work were forced to live in one of the third world countries for awhile. They would learn to swim or drown in a hurry. It seems that more and more people are giving up and taking advantage of our system, and no wonder, it’s what our government gives rewards for. To work and to try is to be penalized for making the effort. To quit and become helpless means free housing, medical care, food stamps, etc etc. I never thought I would live to see the day when people and government came with built in obsolescence, but it’s rapidly becoming the norm.

I want to take time here to say “thank you God for giving me and my family enough. Thank you for providing us a way, and good enough health to take advantage of it. Remind me every day when I complain about getting up early to go to work, that I am luckier than billions of people in this world”. To all of you reading this, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also hope you always have enough, but only if you try….

A mining company in Canada has a mine in the Philippines

My wife is from the Philippines, so naturally I am interested in the cultures and economic development of the country. I recently found out that there is a mining company in Canada that is dedicated to the development of the Taysan Copper-Gold Porphyry Project. The project is 11,254 hectares in size and has two known deposits; one of which is the Antipolo Epithermal Gold Mine, and the other is the Taysan Deposit: which is a large copper-gold porphyry deposit. In case you are not familiar with the term porphyry deposit; it means that the deposit has formed during the transition and cooling of magma to rock. Porphyry copper deposits are the largest known source of copper ore.

The Taysan Project is not new; it dates back to 1968, and has 195 drill holes totaling 44,531m. The project has an expected 25 year mine life with a payback of about 3 years. It's a highly feasible venture because the first 7 years are projected to have exceptionally low production costs with a much lower strip ratio than the industry average. The Taysan Project contains not only gold and copper, but also silver, magnetite, and other by products as well.

I am glad that my wife's native country is showing signs of improved economics. I'm sure that the Taysan Project will help a lot by furnishing jobs for many. The Project is located in Batangas Province, on the south west side of Luzon Island. It's about 100km south of Manila.