Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I got spoiled rotten! I got to go to work 2 hours late and then we got to come home in just a few hours, so I had a short workday. When I got home my wife had cooked my favorite Filipino foods for me, made me a cake and decorated it, and made a beautiful card. She is very artistic and the cards she makes look like they come from a store. She made my day very special, but of course she makes every day special for me. She is the love of my life and I thank God every day for her. My mother called to wish me happy birthday and then later my brother called also. His birthday is the day after mine. We talked on the phone for several hours, until my ear was sore from holding the phone against it. All in all it was a wonderful birthday and I enjoyed it a lot. Our chickens are growing very quickly, wow! I had no idea that chickens could eat so much or grow so fast. I have to get off the couch soon and finish building their pen. I have to make a gate and put a door on the new part of the chicken house, put a partition in the pen to separate hens and roosters, and put a tin roof on the new house. Maybe this weekend I can do some of that. Its been raining a lot lately, but hopefully its over for a few days at least. We are all ready for some sunshine. We are out of work now too because of the rain. We are doing maintenance to the equipment and hoping the rain will stop so our work will pick up. Ok weekend is near now so everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brooster the Rooster rides again!

What a week! It rained nearly every day, but all in all it was a pretty good week. I don't have any exciting news, but our chickens are growing very quickly now. They are very pretty, in all colors. One little chicken has made friends with my wife and my wife pets it sometimes. The little chicken will even sit on her knee and eat food from her hand. I enclosed a picture so you can see them. Thats only a small part, most of the chickens are inside the chicken house, but you can see some of the different colors in the picture. The big white rooster is "Brooster". I named him that because of an old joke that my brother used to tell me every time he saw me. Lol he would forget that he had already told me before. He was just a kid at the time and he thought the joke was hilarious, so every time I went to visit he would say, hey have I told you the joke about Brooster the rooster? We are both much older now of course but he laughed when I told him what I named that rooster. Fall is very near now. Some of the leaves are already changing colors. Our garden is starting to die now and we only get a few things to eat from it. This is the first year that I have had a garden or animals other than a dog. Thank goodness my wife is here with me now and we are realizing our dreams one at a time. It took so long to get her a visa to come here from the Philippines to be with me that sometimes we nearly gave up hope, but all was worth it and worked out well in the end. We want to have a baby as soon as possible, maybe in the next year or two. I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend! Take care and enjoy the fall weather that is coming.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A wonderful weekend!

Rain rain rain, and the forcast says several more days of it. But a pretty good weekend anyway. I decided to mow the lawn earlier today, in spite of the rain, but the mower ran out of gas shortly after I started. Yippee!! I didn't want to mow today anyway. My wife and I are watching movies and posting on our blogs. Yesterday we visited my mother and found out that she has been sick all last week. She still isn't feeling well today so I hope she will get well soon. We took her some Chinese food and she seemed to enjoy eating that. Its her favorite kind of food. Our chickens. Well our chickens! Good gosh they eat a lot and they are GROWING! They eat, they drink, they poop, then they start over, not necessarily in that order. They are cute and now some of the little roosters are trying to fight each other. We still haven't finished the other half of the chicken house so we can separate the hens and roosters. Luckily the rain saved me from doing that today too. I am lazy and I want to just sit and relax for a day. The chickens are eating us out of house and home though lol. We have been buying food every week for them. Soon we will let them come out of the house and experience the big world outside. We have a pen built for them, but its not completely finished either. I have been watching Jeff Dunham videos and they are hilarious. If you don't know who he is, check Utube. He is a ventriloquist and he has several characters/dummies that he uses. He is probably the best ventriloquist now and he cracks me up. There are many of his videos on Utube so check him out. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend like we did. Take care and enjoy your week!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I got to drive a Dodge Challenger with a hemi engine!

Yes its true. I did get to drive a Dodge Challenger with a hemi engine. All I have to say about that is wow! That was a nice car and it had power galore. It belongs to my cousin and I was teasing her about driving it. A few minutes later she came walking up to me and handed me the key and told me to take it for a drive. I feebly tried to dissuade her but quickly gave in and my wife and I took it down the road for a short drive. We both liked it a lot. Its shiny black as you can see in the picture, and the pretty lady is my wife. Nothing better than a pretty girl standing by a pretty car! Anyway like I said we were both inpressed with the car and now I wish we had one. They cost too much though and we have too many other things we want to accomplish in the near future, such as having a baby and getting all of our debts paid. For those of you that haven't driven a car that has a hemi engine let me try to describe it for you. For some reason unknown to me a hemi engine seems to run better and smoother than an ordinary engine. Just a little touch on the accelerator makes them forge ahead smoothly, and usually they will put your back tight against the seat with the g-forces of their power. In addition a hemi engine JUST SOUNDS GOOD!! They sound exactly like what their purpose is, to run better and faster than other engines. They sound MEAN and throaty, but with a whine that lets you know they will wind tighter and tighter, until whatever you are competing against is overcome. My bro has two Dodge pickups and both have hemi's. I have driven them both and one day he and I were going somewhere and he let me drive. He told me to burn rubber and see how far I could leave a black mark on the road. Well once again I only protested feebly and gave in pretty easily. Did I leave a black mark! Holy frijole, that thing burned the tires half off and left melted rubber under the fenders. The speedometer was doing over 100 mph but in real time we were barely moving. I finally had to let off the accelerator and brake it to get it to stop. I measured the black marks later and they were 1/10th of a mile long. I guess if I hadn't stopped it from spinning it wouldn't have stopped until the tires blew out. This truck is a full size, extended cab 4WD. Its not light, but with that hemi its unbelievable how it moves. What will the Dodge Challenger that I drove do? I don't know because I didn't hotrod it, but I did mash the gas just a little and it jumped. I think it would outrun my bro's truck. Top speed is supposed to be in the 160 mph area. I would love to have one but like I said, just too much going on right now. If you get a chance try to drive something with a hemi engine and I bet you will agree with me that there is nothing like them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Movie and Filipino store

What a wonderful weekend my wife and I have had. Yesterday we went to my family's renunion, but we only stayed for about an hour. Then we went to eat Chinese food at the Panda restaurant. Of course we got more food than we could eat but it was good. After we ate we went to the theater to see a movie. We watched "Shorts" and although it is a kid based movie, we both enjoyed it very much. Its the first movie my wife and I have got to see at a theater. We would have enjoyed it even if the movie hadn't been good. We just enjoy being together and doing things, experiencing new things together. What a wonderful relationship we have. Sometimes we disagree just as everyone does, but we always work everything out and stand strong together. After the movie we went to a Filipino store. We are glad that someone told us about that because now we can find the food easily. Before we had to order everything online. Our last order has been dropped and broken twice by UPS and we still haven't received half of it. Anyway, we even found some fresh veggies at the store called ampalaya and kang kong. The main thing that my wife wanted that she misses from the Philippines was the fresh sea fish like they bought at the local market. Well good news, the store has fresh frozen fish that my wife likes. Of course frozen is not quite fresh but it is the closest to fresh that we will find here. We came home last night and had some of the fish lol. We had a good time Saturday and today we are resting. But we still have to take care of our chickens. Wow they are eating so much and growing fast now. Its amazing how much food those little birds can eat. We now have to use 2 feeders and we fill them twice a day. The chickens are so cute now. Their wings are growing feathers and the colors are coming out more vivid every day. They can fly in and out of the box we keep them in now, but all is well because we have a chicken house that the box is in. We are excited to have some fresh eggs in a few months. Sorry its been so long since I posted. I have been so busy lately and also our laptop computer has been giving us a lot of trouble. I reformatted it 2 times but it was still not working well. Today I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and so far the computer is working very well. The new Internet Explorer sucks. It freezes or refuses to download pages, goes to pages we don't even want, etc. I think we will stick with Firefox. Its nearly identical to use but much more stable. Ok enough for now. I hope all of you had a weekend as enjoyable as my wife and I did. Toodaloo......