Sunday, September 6, 2009

Movie and Filipino store

What a wonderful weekend my wife and I have had. Yesterday we went to my family's renunion, but we only stayed for about an hour. Then we went to eat Chinese food at the Panda restaurant. Of course we got more food than we could eat but it was good. After we ate we went to the theater to see a movie. We watched "Shorts" and although it is a kid based movie, we both enjoyed it very much. Its the first movie my wife and I have got to see at a theater. We would have enjoyed it even if the movie hadn't been good. We just enjoy being together and doing things, experiencing new things together. What a wonderful relationship we have. Sometimes we disagree just as everyone does, but we always work everything out and stand strong together. After the movie we went to a Filipino store. We are glad that someone told us about that because now we can find the food easily. Before we had to order everything online. Our last order has been dropped and broken twice by UPS and we still haven't received half of it. Anyway, we even found some fresh veggies at the store called ampalaya and kang kong. The main thing that my wife wanted that she misses from the Philippines was the fresh sea fish like they bought at the local market. Well good news, the store has fresh frozen fish that my wife likes. Of course frozen is not quite fresh but it is the closest to fresh that we will find here. We came home last night and had some of the fish lol. We had a good time Saturday and today we are resting. But we still have to take care of our chickens. Wow they are eating so much and growing fast now. Its amazing how much food those little birds can eat. We now have to use 2 feeders and we fill them twice a day. The chickens are so cute now. Their wings are growing feathers and the colors are coming out more vivid every day. They can fly in and out of the box we keep them in now, but all is well because we have a chicken house that the box is in. We are excited to have some fresh eggs in a few months. Sorry its been so long since I posted. I have been so busy lately and also our laptop computer has been giving us a lot of trouble. I reformatted it 2 times but it was still not working well. Today I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and so far the computer is working very well. The new Internet Explorer sucks. It freezes or refuses to download pages, goes to pages we don't even want, etc. I think we will stick with Firefox. Its nearly identical to use but much more stable. Ok enough for now. I hope all of you had a weekend as enjoyable as my wife and I did. Toodaloo......

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