Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thousands of wedding decorations at your fingertips

There was a wedding yesterday at one of our neighbors house. It must have taken a lot of planning to bring everything together. There are so many things to do to have a successful wedding. The wedding decorations are so important to make sure that everything goes perfectly and memorably.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We had a wonderful vacation

My wife and I have been on vacation for the last week and a half. We had a wonderful time. We went to St Louis and met some of my wife’s family there. It was the first time my wife had seen her oldest sister in about 13 years, and her other sister in 7 or 8 years. We all went to Six Flags and split the day between the main park and the water park, Hurricane Harbor. Ana, the older sister came home with us and spent a couple of days before she had to return to Detroit. I spent 2 nights in a hotel in St Louis with my wife, her sister Ana, and their mother. There was a lot of joking and giggling going on. I wish I had a video of it all. The girls were teasing their mother that I might slip into bed with her in the middle of the night. It was making her kind of mad lol.


We took a lot of pictures, and made a lot of unforgettable memories. The picture above is my mother in law, wife, sis Nora, and sis Ana. They are all beautiful ladies. I also got to meet Roger, my bro in law, married to Nora. He is a super guy and we had a lot of fun together. Hope all of you had a good holiday. Tomorrow it’s back to work!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hope our weather is finally getting better

This has been the driest and hottest summer already that I can remember. Last summer was hot and dry also but this year the grass on our lawn is dead. Just a lot of nearly bare dirt showing. I don’t know what the rest of the year will bring, but yesterday we finally got a small shower of rain. Today it’s cooler and it feels so good and refreshing. The air is not full of heat and dust like it has been. We have chances of rain for the next couple of days; I hope we get a lot. My wife and I have been watering our garden from our small pond, but the pond is getting very low on water too. The garden has been difficult this year; first it was the deer that kept eating it at night while we slept, then it was the heat and dryness. We finally built a fence about 8 feet tall around the garden and kept the deer out. They had already butchered a lot of the plants, but most of them are re-growing now. We just had some stir fry made from our fresh veggies. Pretty yummy. It was so dry here that fireworks were banned. I didn’t see or hear even one firecracker go off.