Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Translia is simply the best translation company around

If you are in need of some good  translation services you need to check out Translia. They are an online  translation company that makes it much easier and more convenient for you to get your translations done. You simply upload your files that you need translated, and you will quickly receive a quote. You can then place an order and get your translation done in a timely manner with guaranteed results.

Translia is the leading translation company and that means that they give you the best service at the lowest price, all in the quickest time. Their service comes with no minimum and you can access it 24 hours a day 7 days per week. They use highly professional translaters that will finish your job in record time. In fact the on time delivery is guaranteed.

If you have a business that depends on high quality translation work, done by a Ubersetzungsburo that you can trust, then Translia is the right one for you. Übersetzungsbüro means "translation company" and Translia means "best translation company". Check them out and you will see what I mean!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do all of your local search from just one site

Sometimes the vast array of choices in our modern world are enough to overwhelm us. The more we try to make things simple, the more complicated they usually get. Even in local yellowpages you have so many to choose from; such as,,, and Wouldn't it be nice if some site would conglomerate it all and let you do all of your local search from just one site!

There is good news! There is a website exactly like that! It is called, and it is a local search engine that enables the user to easily search online for local restaurants businesses, get driving directions, read or even write reviews. You can get business hours and contact numbers, everything you need, and you never again have to skip from place to place, spending too much time looking for information. is actually partnered with all of the above mentioned sites and allows you the advantage of using them all from just one site.

It is good to know that in our ever changing, overcomplicated world, there are still some logical choices. There are still  people out there who really are trying to make our life better. Make your logical choice today and check out!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Watching my weight and eating right is my goal this summer

Spring is here at last! The weather here is absolutely great; its unseasonably warm, lots of sunshine, and everything is turning green. Soon it will be time for something that is not so enjoyable; mowing the lawn. Usually my wife drives the rider mower and I do the trimming. I have gained a few pounds this year and I need to lose some of this extra weight, hopefully before mowing time comes around. If I don't lose the weight by dieting, I will probably lose it from the extra exercise from working outside in the yard and garden this summer. There are many different kinds of diets that a person can try. There are of course the never ending fad diets, diet pills, even special diets and Bariatric Advantage supplements for people who have, or are planning to undergo surgery.

There is a lot of hype about dieting and exercise, but they can be extremely effective, especially when used together. Keeping our bodies healthy and in good physical condition is like putting money in our life bank. I am an older man married to a much younger lady, and I want to have many years to spend with her in good health. I stopped smoking several years ago, I am trying to make healthier decisions on what food I eat, but there are still issues that I need to address to keep myself in good health. I am lucky that I don't have to take any prescription medicines yet, but if I don't watch my weight, blood pressure, etc, the time may come soon when my body starts to fail. One health decision that my wife and I have made recently is that we intend to grow more of our food, and learn to preserve it by canning, drying, and freezing. Home grown veggies, and even some of our meat. Mmmmm I am going to enjoy this summer.

We think some window box planters would look nice on our home

Spring is officially here, and I am so ready for it. The constant cold and being inside of the winter months really get me down sometimes. My wife and I have been making a new garden this year. We plan to preserve some of our produce by canning. We hope to have a great crop this year so we can save some money on our grocery bill. We are also hoping that our flowers will grow well. We have found some nice window boxes that we think would look great on our home. It makes a house look so classy to have beautiful plants growing in flower boxes.

Nothing says warm weather and good cheer as much as having bright flowers and a productive garden. We have discovered that we can buy a new window box made from our choice of materials, including vinyl, metal, wood, and fiberglass. We think that copper or aluminum would be our best choice because they will last for many years. We could just mount them on the house and they should be pretty much maintenance free.

After considering the options we realized that we can grow not only flowers in a window box, but also herbs and some kinds of veggies. That makes it even more desirable. Spring is a time for renewing and rebirth. We have a lot of work that we want to do here on our property this year to improve the looks. Hopefully we will get it all done before winter comes again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Country life is so peaceful and fulfilling

This is March 17, but it feels more like May or June. It is unseasonably warm. My wife and I have been working outside for the last 2 days. We decided to make a new garden spot because our old garden gets too much shade and doesn’t produce well. We live in the mountains and there are so many rocks mixed with the soil that it takes a lot of work to make a garden. We have tilled the new spot over and over, picked up what rocks come to the top, then till it again, pick up more rocks, etc. We are both worn out and our backs are sore and tired lol. We are not complaining though. Its so good to just be outside after being inside all winter. I jokingly told my wife that I am glad that tomorrow is a work day. I need to go back to work to get some rest.

This mountain is so peaceful and quiet this afternoon. Everywhere I look there is tranquility and sunshine. I am now doing nothing, just sitting here in my comfy chair, thinking about a nice shower and some tv later. I love the country life; cities make me nervous although I do see many things that are interesting and fun when I visit. My wife is just like me in her tastes. She stays here all week, alone all day while I am at work. By the weekend she is usually ready for a trip to town. However, within an hour or 2 after getting to town she is ready to come home. When we down the driveway to our home she usually says her version of the old saying “There is no place like home”. She says “Home is the best place”. I agree with her and I thank God for her and for my peaceful tranquil life here in the country.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You will be amazed at the low prices of these eyeglasses

I have said it many times before, but I will say it again; shopping online will save you big bucks, not to mention the time and gasoline you will save. We all know how difficult it is to make ends meet, especially now with the recession and rising fuel prices. Life goes on in spite of the difficulties we have, and we still have the same needs, no matter what the price. I have some exciting news for you that can save you a lot of money on at least one item in your life.

Do you or any of your family wear eyeglasses? Chances are that some of you do, so you know firsthand just how expensive they are. No more! Check out Zenni Optical online and you will find the very lowest prices on some of the most stylish eyeglasses on the market today. Zenni Optical cuts out the middleman. They manufacture their own high quality eyeglasses using the most modern materials and methods, and they sell them direct to you. Zenni Optical does not sell name brand eyeglasses that can be so expensive. Brand names rely on heavy advertising, and that drives the price up to often exorbitant amounts. 

Now that I have piqued your interest, let me tell you this. I saw high quality, stylish eyeglasses at Zenni Optical that sell for only $6.95! Less than the price of a cheap pair of sunglasses at a department store. These glasses would be great for kids and adults alike. You could buy several pairs so you always have an extra pair on hand. Keep a pair in every vehicle, another pair on your nightstand. Best of all, you get high quality at the lowest prices imaginable. I wish more merchants would give so much value for the dollar as Zenni Optical. Our country would leave this recession behind and flourish once more. Zenni Optical has been featured in a Brooklyn Liberal Examiner article, check them out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As usual, a few selfish idiots ruin it for us all

The price of gasoline is going steadily up. Its ridiculous really, and it will sink our nation, and probably the whole world if it isn’t stopped soon. I have no idea why our government won’t stand up to the oil companies and set some rules and regulations for them to follow. Price gouging is supposed to be illegal. It makes me wonder how much money is being handed off under the table to the ones that have the power to stop this ignorance, if they chose too. Its hard to comprehend the greed that drives some people. Companies are driven by the idea that they have to make profits “right now” to please their stockholders, and sometimes common sense takes a back seat. What the idiots don’t seem to realize is that the more gasoline goes up, the more everything else goes up, and the less a dollar is worth. They make a lot more dollars, but they can buy less with them. That standard affects us all. Every week we see our paychecks buy less and less. If it keeps going, soon we may fulfill the Biblical prediction that we will throw our money into the streets because it is worthless. Right now a one dollar bill and a similar sized piece of toilet tissue are close to the same value. That is an exaggeration of course, but maybe not for long.

It seems that mankind is capable of nearly anything that pertains to technology. Unfortunately we still do not have enough sense to govern ourselves with decency and common sense. We hasten our own end with greed and our desire to have it all right now. There have been a couple of emails circulating for awhile that sicken me. One shows a car belonging to an oil sheik that is covered with diamonds, inside and out. The other email is also of a car. It has a body made entirely of white gold. How selfish and ignorant these people must be to do something so crude while millions around the world are starving. Is it really worth it to them? I think these people had better enjoy their ill gotten toys in this world; the next world may not be so much fun for them….

Shop online with Shopwiki, and save money and time

My wife and I love to shop online. We have found that we nearly always get the best bargains and certainly the most choices, and it doesn't cost us anything to browse. With the price of gasoline going steadily up and up, its nice to just sit here at home and look at what interests us. That way all of our extra money can be used for buying things we need and want, instead of further enriching the oil companies by wasting gasoline driving from store to store.  My wife prefers to shop for health and beauty items, while I am more into organic health and beauty products. We buy a lot of bath and body care products also, and there are some terrific deals online for all of these items.

One of our biggest assets to shopping online is They are like a search engine for shopping that will bring up many more items per search than ordinary searches do. What is different about is that they crawl the web, similar to the way Google sends crawlers to websites to check them out. While most shopping sites only bring up stores that pay them, brings up every site that pertains to the item you are searching for, even if they don't receive payment for the listing. You and I are the ones that receive the rewards, and best of all, their service is free of charge to use.

Its time to start girding our loins and find ways to make our money go further. I hate the thought that most of my money gets put into my trucks gas tank every week. We all still have a chance to maintain our accustomed way of life, if we make wise decisions. One of those decisions needs to be that we will do more shopping online to get the best deals, and save gasoline and time. is a powerful tool to assist us in achieving that goal.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tired of spending too much on printer ink? Read this!

Everything is sure getting expensive, what with the price of fuel going up and up. Every week it gets harder to make ends meet. We start thinking of ways to stretch our bucks so we can keep our standard of living as high as possible. Simple things, such as finding cheap ink for printers can save us a lot of dough and make our lives much easier. Ink in computer or department stores is very expensive, but I have found the answer to our problem.

Check out the cheap ink cartridges at Ink Grabber online. They have fantastic deals on printer ink. In addition to their already low prices, you can now get 10% off on orders over $55, and 12% off with free shipping on orders over  $75. They have cheap printer ink for every printer brand that you can think of, and more. Every inkjet cartridge is backed up by a 90 day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Ink Grabber also sells toner cartridges, copier toner, and fax cartridges. They have been in business for years and have saved their customers millions of dollars. Take advantage of the winter savings coupons and get ready to save some big bucks on your next printer ink purchase!