Friday, March 25, 2011

We think some window box planters would look nice on our home

Spring is officially here, and I am so ready for it. The constant cold and being inside of the winter months really get me down sometimes. My wife and I have been making a new garden this year. We plan to preserve some of our produce by canning. We hope to have a great crop this year so we can save some money on our grocery bill. We are also hoping that our flowers will grow well. We have found some nice window boxes that we think would look great on our home. It makes a house look so classy to have beautiful plants growing in flower boxes.

Nothing says warm weather and good cheer as much as having bright flowers and a productive garden. We have discovered that we can buy a new window box made from our choice of materials, including vinyl, metal, wood, and fiberglass. We think that copper or aluminum would be our best choice because they will last for many years. We could just mount them on the house and they should be pretty much maintenance free.

After considering the options we realized that we can grow not only flowers in a window box, but also herbs and some kinds of veggies. That makes it even more desirable. Spring is a time for renewing and rebirth. We have a lot of work that we want to do here on our property this year to improve the looks. Hopefully we will get it all done before winter comes again.

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