Wednesday, February 23, 2011

George Strait is amazing

I like George Strait. The man has been around for many years, and he is still going strong. You have to respect the distance he has come in a dog eat dog world. He seems like such a nice guy that its amazing he could go so far. I guess the old adage that “nice guys finish last” doesn’t pertain to him.

Anytime you turn on the radio, or go listen to a live band, you will hear George songs. All day today I have been singing to myself at work. The song “Old Troubadour” has stuck in my head and I can’t get it out. I looked up the lyrics online last night and now I am singing it constantly. Unfortunately my voice is not as good as George’s.

There are many music artists but I think most will soon be forgotten. Only a few have risen above the crowd to the point that their songs will be around for many years to come. George Strait is one, and there are others like Merle Haggard and George Jones in the country music genre. They are to country what Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones are to rock. I play music also and when I was young I wanted to play with a successful band. Actually I did play with a semi successful band but I soon learned that it wasn’t the romantic life that I had dreamed it to be. Its hard work, little or no home life, and a lot of disappointments. I have to respect anyone that has made it as big as George Strait, and still remained a nice approachable human being.

Fill your prescriptions online and save a bundle!

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Its always important to save money, but in todays sluggish economy its more important than ever. A lot of people simply cannot afford the medicines they need to stay healthy. I want to get the word out to a lot of people about how much they can save at Canada Drug Center online. It will make the difference for many people's health and well being; perhaps even their lives.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Buy some gas logs and cozy up to the fire

If you have a wood burning fireplace you undoubtedly know how dirty and inconvenient burning wood inside your home is. Not only do you have the ashes to deal with, but you also have dirty, bark shedding wood getting your floor messy. A good solution for the problem is to switch your fireplace over to gas logs. You have the choice of vented gas logs or ventless gas logs, depending upon your needs.

I recommend that you check out R.H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs at Hansen Wholesale, because in addition to already having the lowest online prices for the last 15 years, they are now running a gas log special and throwing in free shipping and no sales tax. Hansen Wholesale sells only Peterson Gas Logs and they make it easy to find exactly what you need because you can talk to an expert on the telephone at their toll free number.

In case you are into outdoor activities, you can also get outdoor gas logs and fire pits from Hansen Wholesale. They have all of the information you need to choose the best gas logs for your purpose; they have the best products, and the lowest prices. What are you waiting for? Give them a call now while the discount and free shipping are still active!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If all else fails, read the instructions

My wife and I had a wonderful Valentines Day together. We celebrated early by going shopping for a new tv stand for our LCD tv. Luckily we both agreed on which one we liked most and brought it home. I was somewhat intimidated by all of the parts to put together, but I opened them all, laid them out on a piece of cardboard, and labeled them plainly with a magic marker so I could locate them easily. It was kind of funny because half of the nuts and bolts were extra. They were included simply to install the stand to practically any tv made. I had opened about a dozen or more packages and done all of that labeling for no reason. We packed up the extra’s and kept them for future use. The one time in my life when I try to plan ahead on putting something together, I even read ahead on the instructions, it did no good. From now on its back to my old ways. I will put together everything I can, and THEN read the instructions if I run into a snag. My motto from now on is, “if all else fails, read the instructions”. It works nearly half the time…..

Child gates and pet gates keep your children and pets away from danger

Keeping your young child safe is a full time job, especially if you have a stairway. You think you are watching your child closely, then you turn around and they are at the head of the stairs ready to fall down. What you need is a baby gate. If your stairway is effectively blocked off you have no worries about your child getting near it. Not only can you block the stairway, but you can also use baby gates to seal off any room that you don't want your child to have access too. Its a measure of safety that you simply can't provide with vigilance.

Baby gates are an essential item to keeping your child safe, but the same product is handy for pets. Pet gates can be used to block your pets from any room in the house, or to simply keep them confined to one room while you are at work. I used one here in our home when we had inside pets. We had dogs that were house broken, unless we were gone, and then they would pout and do what they could to make sure that we understood their displeasure at being left alone. We used pet gates to confine them to a room with an uncarpeted floor, and then if they made a mess it was easy to clean up.

Baby gates and pet gates are easy to use and provide an extra measure of safety for your child and pets. When it comes to children and stairways, sometimes you don't get a second chance. Better safe than sorry.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Find the Best Online Colleges Easily

You are ready to continue your schooling; you have decided that you will attend college online so you can learn in the comfort of your home; and you are trying to figure out which is the best online college for you. There are many to choose from, and they have many differences. Making the right choice can be a pretty time consuming task; nearly impossible for the average person with limited time, so what if I told you that the job has already been done for you?

There is a website called Degree Jungle that has taken the time to sort through all of the differences to find the top online schools. They have ranked the top 64 schools from number 1 all the way to 64. The schools are judged according to criteria such as average net price, acceptance rate, retention rates, graduation rates, and much more. Each school is then given an index rate up to 100 percent. In fact the top rated online college has a 100 percent rating, but it is much less expensive than some of the schools with lower ratings.

If you are ready to pursue an online degree, you need to check out Degree Jungle. They have taken the online education jungle, and turned it into an easily navigable road to higher learning. Their services are like having a GPS for online colleges. Give them a try and you will save money while getting the best chance possible for bettering your education and your life.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This last winter storm has broken all the records

We had a pretty mild winter, until just a couple of weeks ago. When the weather turned bad, the bottom fell out. We have had wave after wave of snow and extreme cold. Here where we live a couple of inches of snow is about the norm, with up to 6 or 8 inches possible. Once every several years we may get a foot or more of snow. We shattered that record this year. Some local places recorded 30 inches of snow and last night the temperature in a nearby city was minus 18 degrees. I have seen the mercury drop down to 12 below but that is very unusual. Zero is considered very cold here, and some winters we don’t make it that cold. Actually the deep snow and super frigid temperatures are kind of frightening to us. Our homes are not designed for weather that extreme. A local police station caved in yesterday. It just couldn’t support the load of snow.

We have a saying here “If you don’t like the weather, just hang around for a few minutes; its bound to change”. That seems to be the case this time as well. In just 2 days from now the temperature is forecast to be about 50 degrees, and the next day nearly 60. Wow, that sounds great, but when this snow melts its going to be a muddy mess! I’m ready for the warmer weather. My wife and I have cabin fever pretty bad. We are going Saturday to do something together for an early Valentines Day celebration.

Bologel Software Limited designs software that works right

Are you tired of software that promises you the moon, and then don't deliver? I think we all are; it gets pretty aggravating when we have important work to get done on the computer, and the software just isn't up to it. I have a solution for you. Check out Bologel Software Limited. They have software that is highly rated by the people who use it.

Bologel Software Limited is a company that is made up a team of top notch programmers that use their expertise to develop desktop applications that really work. They are a leader in the world of innovative software. Not only do they offer the best in software, but you will also get 24/7 support when you use their products. They are good at what they do because they listen to the ideas of their users, and often apply them to better their product performance. If you have an idea of your own, be sure to share it with them.

You can get free trial downloads at Bologel Software Limited to enable you to experience the superior performance for yourself. When you add up the great products that do the job right, the top notch support, and the free trials, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Check out Bologel Software Limited. You will be glad you did!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets get some backbone and cut out the lying and cheating in our shallow society

I just don’t understand when people are willing to lie, cheat, or steal to get what they want. What good is it if you don’t get it fair and square? Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t approve of our world and the shallowness and greed of our society. We are only here for a few years, and the old saying “you can’t take it with you” is absolutely true. Having the trust and respect of others is worth more than any material things this world has to offer. A lie is a coward’s way out. I say if we are too weak to face the truth, we don’t amount to much. Of course its easier to lie our way out of situations, but nearly invariably we will get found out sooner or later, and then we have forever lost the trust and respect of those involved. Much better to get our tail out from between our legs and just tell the truth to start with. The same goes for stealing; It is a cowardly cheap way of trying to do what most people refer too as “bettering themselves”. It is certainly not bettering yourself, its making yourself look cheap. If you are not big or smart enough to earn it fairly, then at least be big enough to do without it.

CD and DVD printers and duplicators are a necessary part of today’s world

If it is stored only on your computer, its not safe. Never, ever trust your computer to keep your important files safe. Hard drives fail, computers get stolen, they get lost, or damaged, and then your memories and personal items may be lost forever. Everything that you are not willing to lose needs to be backed up. Your photo's, MP3's, movies, etc, as well as any other info that you wish to keep. I have personally lost things in the past that are not replaceable.

With today's technology its so easy to backup your files onto CD's or DVD's and use DVD duplicators to make copies, whether it be one or many. For example, you may have a lot of MP3's that you want to share with your friends. Most electronic equipment actually drops in price over time, and technology continually changes, so its best to use a DVD duplication guide to keep abreast of changing prices and technology.

DVD and CD printers are a must for businesses, and also very useful at home. They vary from fully automated systems to small desktop models. There are many manufacturers to choose from. I love technology and watching things change over the years. I have seen a lot of changes in our world. Things we didn't dare to dream of when I was young, is now common.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Global warming or global freezing?

I’m loving it! It just keeps snowing and snowing. We really don’t have a huge amount on the ground, compared to some other places, but its a lot for us. I have been off work all week, getting some much needed rest. What was forecasted to be only a dusting of snow up to possibly an inch or so, has now been changed to a possible 4 to 6 inches. I hope it snows 3 times that much.

Is this the global warming that we have been hearing so much about? Lol, this is the coldest weather and the biggest snowstorms and blizzards that we have seen in years. Maybe we should refigure things, and rename global warming. I think global freezing might be adequate. Whatever it is, I am enjoying it a lot.

Do your part in recycling, and conserve our resources

It alarms me sometimes how quickly we are using up our natural resources. If we don't all learn to recycle soon, our children are going to have a much different way of life than we do now. Rest assured that they won't think highly of us for wasting a world full resources in just a few generations. We are all familiar with recycling paper and cans, but when it comes to electronic recycling we are usually uninformed.

You should check out a web site called Round 2. Their goal is electronics recycling and computer recycling. They specialize in electronics test and repair, proper product disassembly, global remarketing, and commodity recycling. They do it all in an environmentally friendly way that gives the largest economic yield, while keeping the impact to our earth to a minimum.

Round 2 serves industrial, municipal, commercial, and governmental needs and they would like to serve you. There is a lot of information on their web site. You can read up on subjects such as recycling, refurbishment, recovery, and remarketing. Do your part to keep our earth green, and to make our resources last. Check out Round 2 now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I haven’t got to work much this week, and I’m loving it!

I have been off work most of this week because of the huge winter storm and severe cold weather. Its great! I was burned out at work and the time off is just what I needed to keep my sanity for a little while longer. We were originally going to return to work tomorrow and I was dreading it so bad, because the cold is still really deep and penetrating. My boss called earlier and said that we will wait another day. Freedom again! Lol, I was so glad to hear that. Of course my paycheck is going to suffer, but sometimes money isn’t the most important thing. I have gotten to spend a few extra days with my wife, enjoying each others company. That can’t be replaced with money. We have cooked together, watched movies, played on the computers, talked, and just enjoyed life. We even drove our tractor up the driveway in the snow and ice yesterday. We nearly froze, but we have enjoyed it all. I’m not sure that I can say the same for our chickens. Lol, they are cold and not quite as lively as usual. We have been giving some of their feed to the little birds in our yard. The birds are lucky because everything is covered with ice and snow so food is hard to find.

We are going to buy a new residential mailbox for our property

We live in a pretty remote area. In fact, it is so remote that we have a post office box in town where we get our mail. Mail is delivered here though and we really need to get a nice mailbox to put at the end of our driveway. We found a place online called Mailbox and Beyond that has exactly what we need. They sell mailboxes, home and garden decor, and address plaques, all at some of the lowest prices around.

I bookmarked the site because they have exactly what we need, including mailbox posts. That way we know that our mailbox is installed correctly and will last for many years.

There is free shipping on some products, and a 110% low price guarantee. We can order from their web site securely, or if we prefer we can order by calling their toll free number. My wife and I have been discussing how much we need a residential mailbox here at our home, and now we can get one delivered right to our door, and save a lot of time and gasoline compared to shopping in town. Shopping online is great!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Expert catering makes for a successful picnic

I remember how the company I used to work for always had a yearly picnic. What yummy food we had! Most company picnics are catered. That provides quality fun and food for both the employees and staff of the company, so they can enjoy their day of celebration together. Now with our modern technology its possible to find caterers online. I found one called MBS Caterserve that provides picnic catering NJ, and also  picnic catering NY.

MBS Caterserve provides services for events such as union picnics, family reunions, high school reunions, church picnics, and company picnics . They have been doing it for a long time, since 1993, so they have all of the expertise they need to make your social event a huge success. They can provide not only the food, but also entertainment and activities to keep your guests entertained. 

If you have a special event coming up, I suggest that you check out MBS Caterserve online. You will find contact numbers, including a fax number. You can fill out a form if you choose, or call directly. Make your up and coming party the talk of the town with MBS Caterserve!

Wow, what a winter storm we have!

We have a saying here that if you don’t like the weather, just hang around for a few minutes, it’ll soon change. Last Saturday the temperature was nearly 80 degrees, and today we are in the middle of a near blizzard. Freezing rain, sleet, and snow, along with strong winds and rapidly falling temperatures. I guess we are not alone, about 30 states are having weather issues.

We went to work this morning and one of my friends hurt his finger badly. I had to call the boss at home and request that he take him to the doctor. The finger was cut badly, and broken. On the way to the hospital they ran into slick roads, so they called back and told us to go home. We were glad to get that news and had just barely got home when the sleet and snow hit. I was worried about my wife being here alone and the possibility that I might not be able to get home. She is from the Philippines and I don’t want her to have to spend a night alone here in sub freezing conditions. It’s just too dangerous. Anyway I am home now and we are safe and sound. Our chickens are not, they are soaking wet and tonight is supposed to be cold! I think they will wish that they had enough sense to come in out of the rain before they got wet lol.

Practice your medical career wearing stylish scrubs

I have always had a secret wish to work in the medical field. The only medical experience I ever managed to get is the few weeks that I worked in a nursing home when I was 18 years old. When I took the job I was out of work and nearly starving. I only took the job because there was nothing else to choose from, and I dreaded going the first day. I was surprised, I absolutely loved it! I didn't keep the job long because it didn't pay enough, but it gave me the wish to train for a higher paying job in the medical world. I never did find the time or money to accomplish my dreams.

When working in the medical field its important to wear the proper clothes, called scrubs. If you need some new scrub uniforms, I suggest that you check out Blue Sky Scrubs online.
Did you know that there are designer scrubs available now? It is a nice change to know that now even nursing uniforms can be stylish and fashionable, and still remain functional.

Blue Sky Scrubs carries a full line of scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats, and accessories such as earrings and lanyards. There is free shipping available on orders of $155 or more. Continue your medical career wearing uniforms that you are proud of. Check it out!