Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another holiday season

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is nearly here again. Time passes so quickly. It seems that the older we get, the quicker it goes, except that now the young people talk about how quickly time passes also. I remember that the Bible says that the closer we get to the end of time, the quicker it will go.

We had a wonderful celebration with our family for Thanksgiving. It seemed that everyone enjoyed it very much. Of course the food was scrumptious and everyone ate too much. My wife made her famous Pancit and some tropical fruit salad. My family loves her Pancit and can’t get enough of it.

We went shopping Friday and got in on a couple of the Black Friday sales. We stayed out of the stores until nearly noon to give the nuts time to clear out. We heard of one person that pulled a knife on another in a local Walmart store, over an xbox. There is also a story on the news about a lady (lady?) that sprayed other customers with pepper spray so she would have first access to some on sale electronics. Lol, I can’t imagine wanting anything in a store bad enough to do something like that, but I guess it takes all kinds. Anyway, hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday like we did. God bless…

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop for your new furniture online at Cymax

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The reason Cymax has been so successful is because they put a lot of emphasis on customer service and retail excellence. They presently have more than 100 online specialty stores offering hundreds of choices. Their web site is set up for ease of use; just a few clicks will find what you are looking for. In the unlikely event that they don't already have what you want, just email them and they will do whatever they can to find the item for you. Check out Cymax; they sell merchandise made by top manufactures around the world and it all comes with the full manufacturer's warranty. You can buy with confidence from one of the leading online furniture companies in the world.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Scrubs with high style, and comfort

Have you ever noticed how drab and unattractive nursing uniforms are? It seems to me that a person involved in a medical career might start to dread going to work, just because of the boring clothes they have to wear. In the past, the hum drum scrubs were a necessity, but in today's modern world of many choices, that is no longer true. If you are in the medical profession you should check out  There you will find a wide selection of great looking designer scrubs that are handmade of some of the finest cloths in the world.

Imagine how much better you will feel going to work dressed in an uniform that not only fits you well, but is comfortable and stylish. You can get your new uniforms tailored for a superb fit, and with the high quality fabrics and workmanship, they should last you for a long time. It's time to break away from the pack and make a statement. Be the envy of your department; start a new fad. Check out the links above and lets get stylin!