Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving is more than tradition

Sometimes we fail to remember what Thanksgiving is really all about. Of course we all know that it was started by our pilgrims giving thanks for the blessings they had received, but often we forget that we have even more to be thankful for than they did. Our lives are much easier than life has ever been for any of the generations past. We have become spoiled, and many of us even seem almost bitter about our lives. Why? We seem to have everything but happiness. Maybe we should occupy more of our time helping others who are not so fortunate, and sharing in their not so perfect lives. Thanksgiving is not only tradition, it is the one day per year that we observe, for traditional purposes, family purposes, or just to get a free meal cooked by someone else.

My wife and I spent our holiday with our family, and enjoyed it very much. Our family is still complete, except for my father who passed on back in 1999. I always think of him, I miss him so much. It is amazing to see how much everyone in our family has aged and changed. We had a great day, but one of our friends who was supposed to celebrate with us, had a heart attack just a couple of days before. He is only 32. Hopefully he will be ok soon, and that will be one more reason to give thanks for next year, when we once again take a few hours out of a year of complaining, to celebrate our good luck to be born in this great country of ours, and for all the blessings God gives us.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Quality management software is the edge your business needs

If you own a company you already know that keeping up with the quality of your product is of vital importance. Luckily in this modern computer age of ours, computer software can take much of the work out of it, and do a more accurate job than you can do manually. Let me tell you about a quality management software that will enable you to keep up with quality control and quality assurance. This software will help you to improve efficiency, and boost your profits by allowing you to keep up with every aspect of your business.

Periodic testing and reporting at different stages of production will give you all the information you need to see which areas are efficient or otherwise. You can use the information to fine tune your business until production runs like a finely oiled machine. In our slow economy it can mean the difference between a business being profitable, or bust. Check out this software, and you will see what I mean.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheap insurance in Pennsylvania is available to all

I remember a time when the law said that we didn't have to have car insurance. Those days are long gone. Now it is mandatory that every car that is on our roads is insured. I am lucky in one way, I am over 50 and that saves me a bundle on insurance. There is another way to save also. If you are looking for cheap insurance in Pennsylvania, look no further. Now it is possible to get online quotes from many major companies, so you can compare prices and services. I just got done getting my quote from AARP and found out that in addition to the already low prices, I also get a 15% discount for being over 50 years old.

Guess what; I don't live in Pennsylvania, but I can still use to find the best deals. I am excited about this, because every dollar saved is a dollar that I can put to better use. I look at it this way. I can spend an enormous sum for my auto insurance, or I can spend a small amount. Either way I am conforming to the law that says I have to keep my car insured. Would I rather just give away the huge sum or would I rather spend the small amount and use what is left for something new for our house, maybe a vacation, or just save it for our kids college fund? This is not rocket science; of course I will take the cheap insurance. Otherwise it would be like flushing money down the drain. It is always important to save all the money we can, but in today's economy it is vital to make our money last. I suggest that you make the same wise decision I did and take a look at It is quick and easy, and can save you a bundle, just like it did me!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

When is someone going to find a way to save our planet and resources?

It worries me a lot sometimes to think about how fast we are messing up this earth we live on, and using up its resources. I know, I know, its old hat and has been discussed over and over. Its to no avail because none of us are willing to give up our high standard of living, just so our children and grandchildren can also have decent lives with enough to eat, and fuel to burn for heat and transportation.

When did people become so selfish and self centered? Have we always been that way or have we been brainwashed and desensitized by what we see on tv, and in real life? Are we really willing to use up everything this earth has to offer in just a few short years, and to heck with all the humans who live after us? Evidently the answer to that question is a resounding "yes"! I am as guilty as the rest. I care deeply, but I can't seem to find any answers. I have to drive my car to get to work, to pay my bills, to buy food, to have the creature comforts I and my wife crave. I keep waiting for someone else to invent something that will change the world. A way to fuel our car and heat our home, that will not destroy the American dream for those to come. I keep waiting and waiting. I wish someone would act. Good gosh, I just realized something! Maybe everyone else is waiting on ME to act!