Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Philly Adwords will help boost your web sales

If you have a website you already know how important it is to have good Search Engine Optimization. Thats where Philadelphia Adwords come in. What they do is make your site come up first when someone does a search for a product you offer. That makes the difference between many sales and few or no sales. For sure there are people out there looking for the kind of products you have. Getting your site to appear first in searches is of utmost importance, because most people never look past the first or second page of their searches. I know that for a fact because I buy a lot of things on the internet. Pay Per Click in Philadelphia will put adwords on your site and everytime someone clicks, you make money. Philly Adwords will also assist you with Google adwords to get started and maintain your advertising so you earn more money. SEM Philadelphia is search engine marketing and it simply means that when someone looks for an item, your site comes up, they click on it, go to your site, and then buy your product. Its really very simple in concept, but you need a professional to make sure that your site is the one that comes up first. Philly Adwords is tried and proven in their ability to get your web business going better. When you check out their site, be sure to read their blog and take a look at their predictions for Facebook.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good weather and better friends

Yippeeeeeee, spring finally reared its lovely head today. The temperature was in the seventies and my wife and I got to cook outside this evening after I got home from work. Well the weather is not really interesting and in this post I want to talk about friends. My wife and I live in a rural area and we don't have enough water in our well to furnish our home comfortably. We save water in every way we can, but its just not enough. We have decided to put in a large water storage tank, and then we would need a small tank that we can haul water to fill the large one. We are trying to save money to get all of this done, but lo and behold, today one of the guys I work with gave us a 350 gallon tank to haul water in. Not only did he give us the tank, he delivered it right to our home and helped unload it. He wouldn't take any pay at all, but we did give him some of our fresh farm eggs. I told him that never again does he have to buy eggs, we will give them to him. He said he would pay for them lol. Anyway its so nice to have friends like that. There aren't many people left in our world that are so good. I would have gladly paid for the tank. By the way, a new one like it would probably cost $400 or more. I hope all of you reading this are blessed with friends as good as mine.

My eyes are not what they used to be

I am getting older, not old, just older, and I am suffering from what we call short arm disease. My arms are not long enough to hold a book back far enough for me to read. I am what they call far sighted and its getting worse. I guess I am going to have to give up and go check on getting some eyeglasses. I hate too but its time. What is weird is that even though I am now far sighted, when I was young I was near sighted for a couple of years. I wore contact lenses back then and after about 2 years I got tired of wearing them and just stopped. My eyes seemed to heal and my vision returned to normal for many years. Now I am near sighted. I have never heard of that happening to anyone else. Here at home I wear reading glasses and they help a lot. Without them I can't really see to read well enough to enjoy it. Every word is a struggle. Ok I know what I have to do. I need to make an appointment with an optometrist and get some new glasses. Maybe then I will see things that I have been missing for the last few years lol. It will be hard for me to decide on what shape I want for the new glasses. Should I get something cool? Or just functional? I'll let you know after I get them...

These NC Apartments are a great place to live

If you are looking for a new place to live let me recommend some very nice Apartments in North Carolina. There are three different apartment complexes to choose from. The first is Forest Pointe, where you will have amenities included such as full size washer and dryer, free wireless internet, security system, fenced patios and balconies with privacy, plus much more. If you are looking for a townhome that has huge bedrooms with private baths, huge living rooms, dining rooms, and eat in kitchens, plus 2 full and one half baths, let me recommend that you check out Balfour West. These North Carolina Apartments are among the finest on the market today. Rent one of these babies and you will have a wood burning fireplace, breakfast nook, attic storage, private patio, and even available pool and tennis memberships! These are very spacious and luxurious townhouses that will make you proud to invite your friends to visit. If your taste runs more to a blend of new and traditional, take a look at Willow Woods. These apartments include a dishwasher and disposer, stove and full sized refrigerator, brick accent wall, and a private swimming pool with a sun deck. Folks if you are looking for a nice safe place to live in North Carolina go to the website NC Apartments and take a look. They offer all 3 of the above described apartments. I'm sure you will find just the right place for your tastes and budget. The prices are very reasonable and the locations are great!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Get paid to shop, now thats a dream come true!

Have you ever thought of just how nice it would be if you could shop and then get rewarded for it? Well now you can! Its called cashback and its offered by Market America. You will actually get 2% cash back when you buy Market America branded products online,up to 35% on some purchases, and you will get 1/2% on referral purchases. Now you can really and truly Get Paid To Shop. Its not a gimmick and there are no strings attached. Joining is free and there is no limit to how much cash back you can earn. This is huge because Market America has more than 3000 partner stores with over 35 million products. You probably already know how handy and easy it is to shop from home and how much money you can save on gas and time, but now its much better. You never have to leave your comfy chair. Just shop for the products you need, find the best deal, place your order, and wait for it to be delivered right to your door, then get some of your cash back. By the way, Market America allows you to do comparison shopping so you know you always get the best deal. They are now open in 5 countries so no matter where you live you probably have access to their savings. Its important at all times to save money, but now its of double importance. Our economy is slow and every penny counts. I suggest that you check out Market America and get ready to save on your purchases!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Memories of my youth

Sometimes when I think back I am amazed at just how much life and people have changed in just a few decades. I am not an old man but when I was a kid things were so much different than now. I recall how we used to work in logging and we used big horses to pull the logs out of the woods. We rolled the logs up long poles to load them on the truck. Finally we went high tech and bought an old winch truck to load the logs. We had a farm and I recall my father buying a new diesel tractor but not having enough money at the time to get implements for it. We pulled an old mowing machine that was supposed to be horse drawn behind the tractor to cut our hay for the first year we had the tractor. We also used an old horse drawn rake for awhile, once again pulled behind the tractor. At first one had to ride the tractor and another had to ride the rake to hit the foot pedal at the right time. My Dad finally rigged a rope from the rake to the tractor so he could trip the pedal to dump the hay. I remember when calculators came out. They were LED and bigger than calculators now, but not a lot bigger. They seemed pretty neat to us, but another thing that has changed is that our teachers in school wouldn't permit us to use calculators in class. That was considered cheating. We were expected to be able to do our math problems without outside help. I think that is one of the problems we have in our society now. There is always help. Knowledge right at our fingertips on any subject you can think of. We never have to figure for ourselves, or invent, or use common sense. Everything is pretty much done for us, and there are so many laws and regulations now that our freedom is nearly gone. Another memory I have is when I was a young man, my brother and I would go out to my shop and sometimes work nearly the entire day or night, usually trying to build something because we had more pride in something we made ourselves than something store bought. I miss those days. I love our modern technology but its not worth the loss of our independence and common sense.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Use the power of self confidence in dating

If you are a single man you probably know how difficult it can be to pick up women. What you may not know is that it doesn't have to be that way. Many things about a man can turn a woman off, such as our body language. Inside we may feel that we are not worthy of love, or attractive enough to appeal to women. That is usually not true. If you will watch closely you will see that often men that are not handsome at all have the power to to get nearly any woman they want. So what is their secret? In a nutshell it is self confidence. A man doesn't have to know just the right words to say, and in fact there are no just right words to say. There are some good pick up lines of course, but if a man says them with no confidence, they are worthless. To attract women a man needs to work on improving his self esteem because with higher self esteem comes confidence. Being cocky or arrogant is usually a turn off to women. Self esteem is quiet confidence that will allow a man to approach a woman on equal ground. Self esteem means that when you do approach a woman and get turned down, you don't lose your confidence to approach another woman. Not all people are compatible, so when a man gets turned down it doesn't mean anything bad. It could just mean that the woman has already found the man she wants, she may not have time to date, or she may just be having a bad day and not in the mood for dating. Even famous movie hunks occasionally get refused so just keep trying. Let me suggest that you visit an online site called The Power To Attract and watch a video for free. Just click on the links above and you will go to their site. May all of your dating dreams come true and may you find the woman of your dreams like I did!

Superb Hosting will improve your online business

If you have an online business or site that attracts many users, you need a good server. Well I can help you with that. There is a site called Superb Servers that certainly lives up to their name. They are a cut above the rest and will provide you with dedicated servers at the very best prices. You will get live support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Here is another thing that will impress you. They have a nationwide network that has a 100% uptime guarantee! That means that your site will always be online. This is done by site mirroring or geographic load balancing through the coast to coast state of the art datacenters. If you have a business that requires your full attention you may need managed hosting. Superb Hosting will manage your servers for you while you concentrate on your business. You can rest assured that your servers will be well taken care of by certified engineers, who will create backups, updating patches, etc. They always use the latest in hardware and your servers will be customized to fit your exact needs. They will run vulnerability scans to find problems before they occur. Your business is more likely to flourish if you give it your full attention while Superb Hosting keeps your servers in top condition. Now lets talk about Superbs colocation plans. These plans are for web based business that already have their own servers but may be having space problems or other problems with temperature control, security, etc. Colocation lets you send your servers to Superb Hosting and they will take care of them for you. They will keep your valuable information secure and in top condition, keep it backed up, and save you money on expensive bandwidth. All in all you can't go wrong with Superb Hosting. Give your business the boost it needs to be more sucessful. Go check out Superb Hosting and see what all they can do for you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please yourself, You can’t live any life but your own

When I was young man music was music, with real lyrics and catchy tunes. Now so much of it is nothing but junk. I’m sorry if I offend anyone with my opinions, but its true. Most lyrics now sound like something a 10 year old would write, and who knows, maybe they are. I miss the old ways sometimes. Now things seem so easy and shallow. People are not real but are made up mannikins of what they want other people to think they are. What good is that? I don’t agree with the shallow ways of people and I don’t agree with being gay.  Ok, I am old fashioned but when I was young, men were men and sheep were scared! Brokeback Mountain to me should mean a mountain where you break your back working, not get it broken getting humped by some other man. What is wrong with our world that says decent normal people are despised and freaks are revered? I really wish I knew the answer to that. We just don’t know where to draw the line anymore. People seem to think that if a little is good, then a lot has to be better. Try that with salt in your food and you will soon see that its not necessarily good. Too much is too much, use moderation in all things. Being different is great, as long as its something respectable, and something that will bring you true happiness. Unfortunately happiness is not what so many people seem to think it is, impressing others. Please yourself, have the courage to live your own life. Don’t be different just because you think its cool, be different because its what you really want. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, just be careful and consider your dreams to be sure its what you really want. Just do this, pretend that you are the only person left in this world. Then decide what would really make you happy and go for it. After all we do live our lives alone. Alone in our own mind. The time we share with others should be a blessing, not a contest….

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why does google mess with our page rank so much?

Yesterday my blog had a page rank of 3. Today its 0. I have no idea why, but its happened before. Tomorrow or next week it will probably be back to 3 again. It doesn't make sense to me because its pretty much the same blog every day. Of course I can't ascribe to being as wise and all knowing as our wonderful internet dictator. Being a mere mortal I have to succumb to their eccentricities and wait hoping to be noticed in a favorable way. Woe unto me if they should decide that I am not worthy, as they did on another blog that I had worked on for several months. That blog had a page rank of 4 one day and the next day it was gone. Sent to Purgatory by our all powerful internet god. It was judged to be nothing but spam and therefore unfit to be seen by other bloggers. What it really was is a blog filled with travel information and tips, including pictures and articles about amusement parks, hotels, travel destinations, etc. Of course that is only my opinion. I am only the one that made the blog, not the judge and jury of it. Well, hopefully google will get their head out of their ass and restore my page rank on this blog. If not, I have already moved it to Typepad and nearly to publish it. This is my last blog on Blogger where google has total control. If my page rank is not back soon, look for me on TypePad. I highly recommend Typepad to you as well. It sucks to work for months here on Blogger and then have it yanked away by google because their idiot robot crawler doesn't know spam from ham. Google doesn't seem to have any real people working for them. If you don't believe me, try to contact them and talk to a real person. If you can achieve that, you know something I don't....

Don't forget to use coupons when you shop

We all know how slow our economy is right now. Its of utmost importance to make every dollar count when we shop. One of the best ways to save money on the products we buy is to use coupons when we shop. Sometimes it can seem that using coupons are not worth it but let me tell you a story and then you can make up your own mind. Several years ago I saw a program on tv where a woman went grocery shopping and when she got what she wanted, she had two carts full of food. The cashier rang up the groceries and the total was an extravagant amount. Then the shopper handed over her coupons. When the cashier finished adding them up, the shopper only owed a couple of dollars. Yes I said a couple of dollars! I was amazed to say the least. My wife and I shop at Walmart a lot. In fact just last week we bought a new 52" LCD tv. We drove a lot of miles to find the tv we wanted and then had to haul the tv all the way home, in the rain. Now we have discovered that if we had known what to do, we could have got free shipping of our new tv right to our hometown Walmart. In fact there are many ways to save money when shopping with Walmart, such as using Walmart coupons, or buying clearance items. Imagine how much money you could save the next time you shop at Target if you arrive with a handful of Target coupons. I love electronics and buy them often. I am going to be more careful from now on and try to find coupons and special deals so I can save a lot of money. That brings me back to our new tv. Its a high definition tv but we don't yet have all the cables we need for high definition. We also need a new cable to connect our computer to it. Then we will have a 52 inch computer monitor! Wow, can you imagine that? We are excited about it. I usually check out prices online before I buy and this time I did good. There is a site called Eforcity that has some great deals on cables, switches, wall mounts, adaptors, etc. I'm going to try to get time to place my order today and hopefully in a few days our new tv will have a picture that looks like its painted on!

Goodbye snow, hello sunny beach!

My wife and I are sick of bad weather! The day before yesterday was supposed to be the first day of spring and guess what. We got the biggest snow of the winter. Some areas got 20 inches or more, but we didn't get that much here. Still its a mess outside and it makes us want to get out of here and go somewhere for a vacation where its warm and sunny. We started looking online for a nice Resort in Myrtle Beach and wow did we find one! Grande Shores Ocean Resort is just the place for us, and it certainly meets the criteria of being warm and sunny. This lovely Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel is located in South Carolina and we will have our choice of one, two, or three bedroom condo's. My wife and I don't have a lot of money to spend and we were to glad to discover that there are also some very affordable hotel rooms to fit any budget. We are excited to stay there because there are a lot of great golf courses nearby. Lots of fun in the sun. We will kiss this bad weather here goodbye for awhile. Maybe when we get back home the weather here will be more like spring and less like winter. If you too are looking into taking a nice vacation this summer, I highly recommend this Myrtle Beach Resort. Grande Shores has everything you could want in a vacation, and more. If we book before June 10 of this year we will get free breakfast for two each morning of our stay. How nice it will be to just relax and let the worries of our everyday lives drift away. How nice to spend time on a sunny beach, basking in the warm rays of the sun. How nice to not see snow for awhile. Check it out and we'll see you at Grande Shores!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why do people risk their lives for money and fame?

I am watching Man vs Wild right now on tv and I can’t help but wonder what pushes people to do things like that. Money and fame are both ok I guess, but not if I have to put my life at high risk to get them. I really don’t think Bear Grylls does it either for money or fame though. I think he was just born with too much courage and curiosity. He doesn’t seem to have any nerves at all. If I did any of the things he seems to take for granted I would be shaking like a leaf. I don’t understand how he eats and drinks some of the things he does too. Especially when there is a full camera crew just feet away carrying all kinds of good food. Another daredevil that I think of sometimes is Crocodile Hunter. Of course it caught up to him eventually and he is no longer with us. It was a shock in some ways when he got killed, but it was no surprise. I had expected it to happen to him for years. If Bear Grylls keeps on the way he is going his odds for living to a ripe old age get slimmer and slimmer. Oh well, its their choice, not mine. To be honest, when I was younger I often did dangerous things, but mostly for fun, not for money or fame. Of course if it had paid money my feelings would certainly not have been hurt, and I might still be doing those dangerous things lol….

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Virtual Barrack will take care of your online gaming needs

If you are into online gaming I have found the place for you. You can buy wow accounts that are 100% secured from a site called Virtual Barrack. This will permit you to game safely online with full protection of your private data and payment information. Virtual Barrack intends to become the most recognizable web address in the industry so you can believe that they will give you the very best in service. Its time to check out the World of Warcrafts accounts and get your character ready to go. VBarrack was founded in Canada but they are headquartered in New Zealand and are an incorporated and registered business. You can buy MMO Characters and accounts from them. A lot of people are now taking advantage of online gaming, because its something that can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home, plus you can enjoy your hobby day or night. If you wish to sell wow accounts Virtual Barrack is the place for you. You can easily sell or buy existing accounts with other players. VBarrack will give you online support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week so if you have a problem you can get it resolved anytime. The customer representatives are actually experienced MMO player themselves so they have the knowledge to give you the best solution.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Home Buying Tax Credit can help you buy the home of your dreams

As we all know, our economy is really slow right now. Our government wants to give our economy a boost in every way they can and as a result we the people are getting some good breaks. One of these breaks is something called the home buying tax credit. It is for first time homebuyers or for people who have not owned a home in the last three years. If these people decide to buy a home now they will get a credit up to $8000. Thats enough to help a lot on the purchase of a home. There has to be a binding contract by April 30, 2010 to qualify and the deal has to be closed by June 30, 2010. For those who already have a home that they have lived in for at least 5 of the last 8 years but want to move on and buy a different home, there is also a tax credit to help out. This one goes up to $6,500. The income limits for these tax credits are 125,000 for singles and $225,000 for couples, so most of us will quality. So how will this tax credit stimulate our economy? Its really pretty simple. The housing industry creates so many jobs that if homes start to sell well again it will definitely make the economy perk up. In the past when our countries economy started to get sluggish, the housing market was always one of the prime factors in reviving it. According to the National Association of Realtors in a news release late last year, about 22 billion dollars has already been added to the general economy as a result of the tax credit in 2009. If you would like to buy a home, now is the time! Don't let this pass you by. There may not be any future extensions of this tax credit. Time is short so check this out. It just may be the stepping stone you have been looking for to make it possible for you to own the home of your dreams.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our dog must think she is a chicken

Our little dog insists on burrowing under the chicken fence and after she breaks into the chicken pen, she loves to chase the chickens, all the while barking wildly. Of course the chickens don't have near as much fun as Blanche does. Scolding nor spanking did any good so yesterday I finally got fed up and decided to give Blanche all the personal time with chickens that she wanted. What I did was, I tied her right inside the rooster house with the roosters and left her there all night. Her heart was broken and I think it wasn't nearly as much fun as chasing the roosters. In fact I think it was the roosters turn to have fun with her instead. I let Blanche out of the chicken house today and she was very glad to go. I think the roosters were glad to see her go too lol. Hopefully she will remember this lesson and never ever again break into the chicken pen. If she does, she will have more time in the rooster house...

The Car Connection makes car shopping much easier

Spring is in the air and its time too loosen up, get outside, and make a new beginning. My wife and I want to buy a new car soon but we are having a hard time deciding if we want a Acura RL or a Toyota Yaris. We want something dependable, with good traction, but also with great gas mileage. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a website that would give us information on cars and help us make a decision. Well actually there is. It is called The Car Connection and they do ratings and reviews on cars, provide photos and news, specifications etc. They rate all kinds of cars, from the Volvo XC90 to the Cadillac CTS. They are going to make it a lot easier for my wife and I to decide which car is best for us. At The Car Connection you will find information on new cars, used cars, and even insurance and financing. Its really your one stop place for automobile shopping. There is even a classified section. If you too are in the market for a new or used car, go take a look at their website. You can save money, time, and trouble, plus you can easily find what car is just right for you!

Get ready to have some fun in the sun this summer!

Looking for a good place to take a vacation this year that has full service and all the comforts of home? If so let me recommend a fabulous Myrtle Beach Resort. Avista Resorts is a new Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort with full amenities. You can be among the very first guests to enjoy what it has to offer. When you stay there you can be assured that you will be pampered and well taken care of. The Avista Resort has spacious condominiums available with one, two, or three bedrooms and full kitchens containing a refrigerator, oven, microwave and appliances. There is wireless internet access and a private balcony. There is a bell stand and porter service and private covered parking for your convenience. You will have all of your entertainment, shopping, and dining needs within easy walking distance. If you enjoy golf there are many golf courses nearby. Check out the suites and rates at these Myrtle Beach Resorts. You can go as an individual, a family, or as a group. Avista Resorts are set up to give any amount of guests the best and most enjoyable trip imaginable. They have a reservation waiting for you right now. If you are ready to get away and get some relaxation and pampering, check them out. You will always remember your experience in one of the finest Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. Take a look and get ready to make the memories of a lifetiem!

The Horizon Resort in Myrtle Beach is a super vacation place!

Are you ready to go on a vacation? My wife and I are hoping that next summer we can fit one into our schedule. One place that we are looking into is Myrtle Beach. In Myrtle Beach there are hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals in abundance so to have one stand out from the rest, it has to be very special. I personally think that Myrtle Beach Horizon Resort is one that stands head and shoulders above the others. When it comes to Myrtle Beach Accomodations it is one of the very finest around. If my wife and I decide to stay there I know we will have all the luxury and fun we need to make our vacation enjoyable. Imagine yourself and your family staying at this lovely Myrtle Beach Accomodation, eating the finest food, getting pampered in too many ways to count, lazying around on the beach, playing golf, getting massages.... Well you get the picture. Myrtle Beach is the highest rated family beach in America and can offer you all of the amenities you can imagine, and some you can't. Take a vacation, purchase a golf package, rent a condo. You can do it all here. When you are ready to reserve your Myrtle Beach Hotel, remember the Horizon Resort. Its easy to book a room online, or you can call their toll free number. Don't forget to check out any current specials. Maybe my wife and I will see you there this summer.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We got a new LCD TV!

Our old projection tv fried last week. It seemed like such a big loss for us because that tv cost $2000 new. Of course that was years ago but still it was a loss. Well we went shopping last Friday evening and came home with a 52 inch LCD tv. We like it a lot. The picture is so much clearer than the old projection model, plus the tv cost much less. I like the fact that electronics get cheaper as the years pass. I'm not going to question it, but I wish everything else would follow suit. Anyway we have the new tv hooked up to digital satellite and we have surround sound, so as long as the weather stays cool we have something inside to occupy our time. Of course spring is nearly here and soon it will be time for yard and garden work. We have already been doing some of that but this weekend has been too cool and wet. Ok gotta get back to watching tv now. Everyone have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My wife and I found a fabulous vacation spot in Myrtle Beach

Spring is nearly here and my wife and I are excited about taking a vacation this year. We were thinking what could be better than to stay at one of the nice Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. We started looking online and discovered some Myrtle Beach Resorts that would please us for sure. We will be close to golf courses so we can play a few rounds of golf in our spare time. Its exciting to think that the time is nearly here for our vacation. When you think Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach its hard to imagine that with so many to choose from, any would stand head and shoulders above the rest. Well not only does one stand out, there are now six resorts that are just fabulous. They are all located in three of the best and most popular areas of the Grand Strand. When we stay at any of these we will have the very best in accomodations and luxury. We have our choice of the Grande Shores, the Seaside, Prince Resort, Towers on the Grove, the Horizon, and Avista Resort. Its easy to book online, or by phone and there are special offers we can sign up for. The golf courses are nearly unlimited. I think it would take us a lifetime to play them all. All in all this is the best vacation a couple or family could take. Myrtle Beach is recognized as having the best in family entertainment. My wife and I can stay in the lap of luxury, with the beach just a few steps away, and golf courses nearby. Hope you will check it out. Maybe we will see you there.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our big tv fried today! OUCH

Today I got a shock when I got home. My wife and I were talking and walking around in the house, and we kept smelling something. We couldn't decide what it was for awhile but we soon figured it out. It was our tv and I guess it burned up. Its unfortunate because its a $2000 tv. It smelled up the house pretty well so I guess its fried for good. We have found a plasma tv that we want to go look at this weekend, but until then its stare at the wall or play on the computer. I wish our big projection tv was fixable but judging from the smell, its probably not worth it. Oh well, our income tax refund is supposed to be on the way and something had to pop up to get some of it. Thats just a law of nature I think lol. Thank goodness we have enough money to replace our tv because we just signed up for 2 years of satellite tv. We would have to pay the monthly bill whether we have a tv to watch it on or not. Hopefully work will continue to go well so I can keep earning enough money. Something that is bothering me right now is that the price of gasoline is climbing again. Our country won't survive another onslaught by those idiots. If our government allows it to happen again we can all kiss our good life in America goodbye. I remember that when Bill Clinton was elected president he lowered the price of gas. He just told them it would be a certain price and no more, and thats what it was. It seems that no president since him has the intestinal fortitude to do that. Or perhaps the under the table payoffs are big enough now to make it worthwhile for the politicians to screw over their own country..........

A HUD Apartment can help you find independence

I used to work at an apartment complex that contained HUD Apartments. I know first hand how much the assisted rent payments can help people in need. Now its easy to find out if you qualify for HUD assistance. You can simply visit a HUD housing agency near you and get the forms you need for applying. If HUD says you qualify then go to their online site. You will find information there on all participating HUD Apartments. You can even search for HUD apartments through other websites. If you prefer to see the apartments in person you can drive, but going online makes it easy to locate the properties and check prices. Try to check out all of the apartments you have time for so when you make up your mind, you will know you have the nicest apartment at the lowest price. Saving money is important, but living in a place that satisfies you and makes you feel at home is also important. HUD Apartments can be your answer to having a nice home where you can be near the things you love or need. It can easily put a previously unaffordable apartment well within your price range. What kind of people qualify for HUD assistance? People with low income, students, single parents, elderly people living on a fixed income, etc. If you are looking for some assistance to make it possible for you to be independent, then be sure to check out HUD Apartments. Its time to get your life moving again!

Some unique gifts and the price is right!

When its time to shop for your childs birthday, where do you shop? Are you aware that you can save a lot of money shopping online? Thats because you have access to so many different sites, right from your home, plus there is no gasoline or travel involved. I was looking for a place to save some money on a gift for a child and I found a site that handles such things as kids clothes, toys, even things for your dog and home. This site is called Lou Lou's Corner and they handle such brands as Appaman, and Barefoot Dreams. Right now you can save 20 to 70% on some items. There is also a 10% savings on Jellycat that you can get a coupon code for. Lou Lou's Corner is a specialty boutique store and they sell unique items for many occasions. If you want designer baby clothes you can find them on their site. They also sell the brand names Alex, Sutomoblox, Barkology, Deglingos, Petunia Pickle, Kikkerland, and many more. I especially like some of the decor items they have. The carved bone patterned picture frames look so stylish, and so do the vases. I suggest that you check out Lou Lou's Corner and look at all of the fine items they offer. Some of these items would be hard or impossible to find elsewhere, plus the price is right. They even have a blog to keep you up on the latest news. Go take a look!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Podmaska will help you get the best deal on insurance

I have been trying to find the best place to buy Insurance Providence, RI and I discovered a site called Podmaska Insurance Agency. Now I don't have to do the looking anymore. Podmaska will do all of the work for me! What they do is to find out what you need in insurance, then they research it all out for you through multiple carriers to find exactly what you need, and at the very best price. I know we can save a lot of money. If you are looking for Business Liability Providence, RI, then look no further. Podmaska Insurance Agency can help you with that, as well as Renters Insurance Providence, RI. When we use Podmaska Insurance Agency we will have a dedicated staff of insurance professionals at our service to make sure we get the best deal available. I'm glad we found this site. It can be pretty difficult calling company after company, trying to find the insurance we need, but at a price we can afford. If you too are looking to save some money on your insurance needs, I suggest that you give Podmaska Insurance Agency a try. They will stand by you and help you every step of the way. Let them give you a free quote, no strings attached. They can help you find protection for your home, business, investments, etc. Their personal caring service is top notch and you will feel like part of a family. Go take a look and get ready to save some money on insurance.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We cooked some wonderful steaks outside on a fire made of oak, Mmmmmm

Wow, the weather today is wonderful! My wife and I worked outside and also cooked some yummy steaks on an oak fire. We enjoyed our day very much. The steaks came out so good that we just ate and ate. Even our little dog sat at attention and begged for a morsel. We put our yard swing back together and sat on it to eat. All in all we had a very wonderful day. My wife and I commented to each other how much we love our life here in the remote country area we live in. So much peacefulness, quiet, and nature around us. We have freedoms that city dwellers can’t imagine. I know, I know, we don’t have instant access to shopping, theatre movies, dancing, etc, but we don’t miss any of that. We can easily travel to the city if we wish, but when we get tired we return here to paradise.

We also cut some trees today that were shading our garden. Hopefully now enough sunshine can come in to make our garden grow more quickly than it did last year, and produce more. Here in the mountains we have a very limited growing season so we need every advantage we can get. I can’t wait for my wifes yummy garden veggies. So much to look forward too, so little time lol!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Encouragement for Surviving Mesothelioma

One of the most dreaded words we can hear our doctor say is Mesothelioma. Its a cancer that is caused by past experiences in our life involving breathing air containing asbestos. Until strict guidelines were passed concerning asbestos, there were many products containing it, such as insulation, and brake liners for cars and trucks. Many different jobs exposed people to this dreadful product, even people serving in navy ships were often exposed, as were electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, and auto mechanics. If you would like to read more about Mesothelioma cancer let me recommend that you check out the link and take a look at a book written by a man named Paul Kraus. The name of his book is Surviving Mesothelioma and it is his story about his own experiences with the disease. It is not intended to replace medical care or to diagnose. It is only mean't to share his experiences and give practical advice on how to give a sufferer of mesothelioma better odds on beating or surviving the disease. These books are not for sale. They are free and can be very helpful and encouraging to you if you have mesothelioma. Paul Kraus was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1997 and given only a few months to live. He is still alive today and has a good quality of life. He didn't give up and neither should you. Go check out the website and order your free book of encouragement today.

I am starving and homemade chili is just what I need to feel better

Spring is in the air! Its such a beautiful day here. The sky is blue and the temperature is in the fifties. The next few days are supposed to be even warmer, but rain returns next Monday. Oh well, it can't last forever. I think we will have a wet spring. I finally got over the flu and now I am starving! I don't mean merely hungry, I mean starving. I can't get enough to eat, and even when I do I get hungry again within the hour. That comes from losing 15 pounds with the flu I guess. I have been craving chili and made a big potful a couple of days ago. I guess my wife was craving it too because it certainly didn't last long. Right now on the stove is,,,, you guessed it. Another pot of chili, even bigger than the first one. We also have a small roast cooking but we may save it for sandwiches tomorrow. Work has been going pretty well this week. I was very weak for the first couple of days but thanks to my huge appetite I am much stronger now. My wife had a reaction to the antibiotics they gave her for bronchitis and now she is itching all over and covered with a bad rash. I told her to hang in there. It should be gone in a few days, if it doesn't drive her nuts first. It itches so bad she can't bear it sometimes. I went to town and got her some Benadryl and it helps some. I read up about Amoxicillin reaction online and the rash is usually not serious and doesn't require treatment. It just itches like heck and lasts for several days. Well, gotta go check out that chili now. Hope everyones weekend weather is as wonderful as it is supposed to be here. Have a great one!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get ready to save some money on eyeglasses!

Its always important to save all the money we can when we make purchases, but in this day and time its of utmost importance. I need some new eyeglasses and I have been dreading it, but no more. I was reading a review on about Zenni Optical. I was astonished to find out that in this time of exagerated prices, Zenni Optical still has eyeglasses for as little as $8 per pair. I know what you are thinking. For that price what can you expect? Well surprisingly you can expect a very high quality pair of eyeglasses. They have high quality lenses and frames made from stainless steel, plastic or acetate, even titanium or aluminum. There are some eyeglasses that cost slightly more, I noticed some as expensive as $19 per pair. Wow! Its hard to imagine how they do it, but I suggest that you read the review linked above and then go check out Zenni Optical's website. Actually I can tell you how they keep the prices so low. They don't sell name brands other than their own. You are paying for a high quality product, not for a name. There are no middlemen, and very little advertisement. Word of mouth advertisement is enough for Zenni Optical because once a person gets a top notch product for a small amount of money, they will certainly tell someone, just like I did. Go check them out and get ready to save some money!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally a teaching course for doctors

If you are in the medical profession its important that you continue learning, and also share with others what you have already learned. Now you can take a medical teaching course in either London or Oxford. This medical teaching course for doctors will help you learn to teach easily to others what you know. There is a 3 day management course for doctors and a 1 day essentials and leadership course, as well as a 2 day course. You can even go as a small group. This is really a teach the teacher course because the medical profession is something that needs everything learned by one to be shared to many. Some doctors may have very uncommon and extraordinary medical skills, but don't know how to properly teach them to other doctors or students. Thats why Oxford Medical offers this medical teach the teacher course for doctors. This course will help you gain training in the theory of adult education, help you develop and write structured learning objectives, different learning styles, how to deal with difficult students, how to perfect your presentation skills, and much more. I urge you strongly to take advantage of this course. The price is right, plus you will be passing on your hard earned knowledge. Your patients and the patients of others will benefit from your choice. Check it out!