Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why do people risk their lives for money and fame?

I am watching Man vs Wild right now on tv and I can’t help but wonder what pushes people to do things like that. Money and fame are both ok I guess, but not if I have to put my life at high risk to get them. I really don’t think Bear Grylls does it either for money or fame though. I think he was just born with too much courage and curiosity. He doesn’t seem to have any nerves at all. If I did any of the things he seems to take for granted I would be shaking like a leaf. I don’t understand how he eats and drinks some of the things he does too. Especially when there is a full camera crew just feet away carrying all kinds of good food. Another daredevil that I think of sometimes is Crocodile Hunter. Of course it caught up to him eventually and he is no longer with us. It was a shock in some ways when he got killed, but it was no surprise. I had expected it to happen to him for years. If Bear Grylls keeps on the way he is going his odds for living to a ripe old age get slimmer and slimmer. Oh well, its their choice, not mine. To be honest, when I was younger I often did dangerous things, but mostly for fun, not for money or fame. Of course if it had paid money my feelings would certainly not have been hurt, and I might still be doing those dangerous things lol….

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