Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good weather and better friends

Yippeeeeeee, spring finally reared its lovely head today. The temperature was in the seventies and my wife and I got to cook outside this evening after I got home from work. Well the weather is not really interesting and in this post I want to talk about friends. My wife and I live in a rural area and we don't have enough water in our well to furnish our home comfortably. We save water in every way we can, but its just not enough. We have decided to put in a large water storage tank, and then we would need a small tank that we can haul water to fill the large one. We are trying to save money to get all of this done, but lo and behold, today one of the guys I work with gave us a 350 gallon tank to haul water in. Not only did he give us the tank, he delivered it right to our home and helped unload it. He wouldn't take any pay at all, but we did give him some of our fresh farm eggs. I told him that never again does he have to buy eggs, we will give them to him. He said he would pay for them lol. Anyway its so nice to have friends like that. There aren't many people left in our world that are so good. I would have gladly paid for the tank. By the way, a new one like it would probably cost $400 or more. I hope all of you reading this are blessed with friends as good as mine.

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