Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My wife and I found a fabulous vacation spot in Myrtle Beach

Spring is nearly here and my wife and I are excited about taking a vacation this year. We were thinking what could be better than to stay at one of the nice Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. We started looking online and discovered some Myrtle Beach Resorts that would please us for sure. We will be close to golf courses so we can play a few rounds of golf in our spare time. Its exciting to think that the time is nearly here for our vacation. When you think Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach its hard to imagine that with so many to choose from, any would stand head and shoulders above the rest. Well not only does one stand out, there are now six resorts that are just fabulous. They are all located in three of the best and most popular areas of the Grand Strand. When we stay at any of these we will have the very best in accomodations and luxury. We have our choice of the Grande Shores, the Seaside, Prince Resort, Towers on the Grove, the Horizon, and Avista Resort. Its easy to book online, or by phone and there are special offers we can sign up for. The golf courses are nearly unlimited. I think it would take us a lifetime to play them all. All in all this is the best vacation a couple or family could take. Myrtle Beach is recognized as having the best in family entertainment. My wife and I can stay in the lap of luxury, with the beach just a few steps away, and golf courses nearby. Hope you will check it out. Maybe we will see you there.

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