Monday, March 15, 2010

Our dog must think she is a chicken

Our little dog insists on burrowing under the chicken fence and after she breaks into the chicken pen, she loves to chase the chickens, all the while barking wildly. Of course the chickens don't have near as much fun as Blanche does. Scolding nor spanking did any good so yesterday I finally got fed up and decided to give Blanche all the personal time with chickens that she wanted. What I did was, I tied her right inside the rooster house with the roosters and left her there all night. Her heart was broken and I think it wasn't nearly as much fun as chasing the roosters. In fact I think it was the roosters turn to have fun with her instead. I let Blanche out of the chicken house today and she was very glad to go. I think the roosters were glad to see her go too lol. Hopefully she will remember this lesson and never ever again break into the chicken pen. If she does, she will have more time in the rooster house...

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