Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our big tv fried today! OUCH

Today I got a shock when I got home. My wife and I were talking and walking around in the house, and we kept smelling something. We couldn't decide what it was for awhile but we soon figured it out. It was our tv and I guess it burned up. Its unfortunate because its a $2000 tv. It smelled up the house pretty well so I guess its fried for good. We have found a plasma tv that we want to go look at this weekend, but until then its stare at the wall or play on the computer. I wish our big projection tv was fixable but judging from the smell, its probably not worth it. Oh well, our income tax refund is supposed to be on the way and something had to pop up to get some of it. Thats just a law of nature I think lol. Thank goodness we have enough money to replace our tv because we just signed up for 2 years of satellite tv. We would have to pay the monthly bill whether we have a tv to watch it on or not. Hopefully work will continue to go well so I can keep earning enough money. Something that is bothering me right now is that the price of gasoline is climbing again. Our country won't survive another onslaught by those idiots. If our government allows it to happen again we can all kiss our good life in America goodbye. I remember that when Bill Clinton was elected president he lowered the price of gas. He just told them it would be a certain price and no more, and thats what it was. It seems that no president since him has the intestinal fortitude to do that. Or perhaps the under the table payoffs are big enough now to make it worthwhile for the politicians to screw over their own country..........

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