Sunday, January 30, 2011

Honda is legendary for quality and longevity

When you are thinking about quality and affordability in an automobile, its natural to think about Honda. Their name is legendary for building cars that will last, and hold their resale value. Buying a Honda is a wise decision and if you are ready to buy a car, let me suggest a Honda Dealer that sells both new and used cars. River Oaks Honda has dealerships in both Chicago and Lansing, Illinois.

Be sure to check out the new and used Honda's; You can get an excellent deal on a used car, or if you prefer a new car you can lease a new Honda Civic for just $149.00 per month! I love the Civics. They are my favorite Honda. They look sporty, the gas mileage is excellent, and of course they are a Honda. By the way, River Oaks Honda also services what they sell.

My wife and I are planning to purchase a car soon but we haven't decided whether to buy a new or slightly used car. Sometimes buying used can save thousands, but when you buy new, you have extra assurance. When it comes to buying a car in Chicago, River Oaks Honda is the place to shop first. They have a large selection and very competitive prices.

We have some relatives that live near Chicago and they recently bought a new Honda. They seem to love theirs so much that now I am considering buying one. For all of you that are in the market for a new or used car, I suggest that you check out River Oaks Honda. You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More paperwork, and a trip for biometrics

Today my wife and I drove to a nearby city to go through the next process in making my wife legal to say here in the United States forever. It seems that there are always more forms to fill out, more petitions to mail, more money to pay, and still it keeps going on and on. I will be so glad when all of the worry is done and my wife is naturalized here in America. I am thankful that all went well today, and we had a safe trip.

We were lucky that the weather was good today. There has been snow and freezing rain so much lately that we were afraid that we might not be able to make the trip. Unfortunately there is no way to cancel the appointment by telephone, since the USCIS office doesn’t even have a public telephone. If you need to reschedule you have to do it by mail, so there is no time if a winter storm hits at the last minute. We had to drive for miles over one of the most crooked and steep switchback mountain roads in the United States. Driving that road on ice would be hazardous beyond belief.

Hopefully all will continue to go well and soon my wife will be a full fledged citizen of our great country. She puts purpose in my life and we have gone through so much to be together. It is amazing what love can do. I have made 2 trips nearly halfway around the world, spent thousands, years of work and worry, just to get my wife here, and still we have more to do. God has been with us all the way and I am keeping my faith that he will see us through to the end.

Perk up your home or business with a new address plaque or sign

Let's suppose that you have a new home, and you are wanting something to set your home apart from the ordinary run of the mill homes on your street. What one item can you buy, that doesn't cost a fortune, and will make your house stand out from the rest? Its really an easy answer; a nice address plaque will do it. So where can you get them at a good price?

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If you own a business and need an address sign, Just Address Plaques is the place to shop. It is so easy to shop from the comfort of your home, and you can order toll free or place your order securely online. Make your home or business sparkle and stand out with a new address sign or plaque!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Travel to other parts of the world as a teacher

Most of us like to travel. I personally love it and I hope to do more of it someday. Most of us think of visiting other countries as a tourist only, but there are other ways to see and experience other countries and cultures. One way is to take a TEFL course so you can be a teacher of the English language in other countries, such as Corinth Greece, Seoul South Korea, Buenos Aires Argentina, London England, Alexandria Egypt, Sydney Australia, and many more.

If you would like to teach English abroad, you need to check out TEFL International.  They are the worlds largest provider of TESOL certificate courses. They will give you 4 weeks of the best training available so you will be eligible to teach in more than 50 countries around the world. They will even help you get a job after you complete your training. They have several options, such as cultural immersion programs, that enable you to combine your training course with foreign language training. The advantages of that are obvious in that when you teach english in another country, you will need to be fluent in their language so you can connect properly with your students.

TEFL International is the very best in the business and they have more than a dozen locations, located in various places throughout the world. Their staff and customer services are unequaled. If you are interested in a new fulfilling job that will let you see more of the world, while enriching the lives of others, be sure to check out TEFL International. They are just a click away.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am proud of my niece

I just read a comment by my niece on her Facebook page where she says that she feels like an old person in an 18 yr old’s body.  She has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about things that ordinarily only come with more age. As one who has felt the way she describes many times myself, it made me proud of her. I of course am no longer young, but I have always felt different from other people. I have written about this subject before, but let me say again that we have to live our own life. You can’t be anyone but yourself, and you shouldn’t even want too.

Surface beauty is nothing, it is only skin deep. Owning a bigger house or nicer car is nothing, they won’t last, and besides you can only use the space your body occupies at the time. No matter how important we may feel, we don’t really take up very much room in this world.

Why do we so desire to appear to be more than we are to others? Why is it that “just ourself” is never enough? Why can’t we just enjoy each moment, instead of spending hours each day desiring what we don’t need, or imaging how jealous our friends will feel if we can just figure a way to buy that fancy new car, those nice name brand clothes, that swimming pool? Of course with different ages come different desires. A young man will want to date or marry the prettiest and most popular girl, even though her personality may suck. A young girl will of course want only the biggest, strongest, most athletic jock in school, even though he may not have two brain cells to rub together.

I think that if suddenly all the people in the world were to disappear, except for one man and one woman, they wouldn’t care what the other looked like. They would just be glad for companionship and love. It seems nearly impossible to train our mind to always think without jealousy, hate, envy, lust, or desire, but we really need to try. We are now taught by what we see on television, what we read, and in nearly everything we see around us, that more is better. It is not only better, but it is ok to lie, cheat, steal, or even kill to get it. Not too many years ago tv shows usually had moral value. Now nothing is taboo. Everything is ok because we have become so smart that we can explain everything. Child molesters are really the victims because they were mistreated when they were children; murderers are not really mean, they were just trying to rob your home when you caught them. In a world where anything goes, it seems that common sense has flown right out the window. In spite of the fact that we consider ourselves super civilized and knowledgeable, it has all become frightening to me. Where will it stop?

To my niece I say this. “I am glad that you are smarter than the people around you. Fitting in is something that we all desire, but really it brings small rewards. Your life is a gift from God, and you can never bring back a day, or even a moment after it is gone. Live each day being true to yourself and what you know is right. Success is widely touted as possessing more material things, but they who practice that are wrong: success is where someday, when you are about to take your last breath, you can look back and say, ‘even though I made mistakes, they were my mistakes. I made them honestly and I learned from them.’ Life is like a soap opera, that each day presents a new scenario. The scenes run every gamut of emotions. Happy, sad, good, bad, sometimes horrible, but sometimes great. All are part of the school of life. How you react to each is what shows the core of yourself. The time that the shallow ones spend being a fake, is like an actor portraying a part in a movie. It may be entertaining, or even amusing, but its not real, and its time lost.”

Friday, January 21, 2011

Even in ugly circumstances, life is always beautiful

I have  had a terrible time of it at work lately. It seems that the harder I try the more things go wrong. They are mostly things that are beyond my control, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I have been getting more and more stressed out and I have to be careful not to take it out on my wife when I get home.

Yesterday was no exception; We started off the work day with the usual trouble, and to make matters worse, we were outside trying to fix the problem. The day got colder and colder, after beginning with snow and a road so slick that I shouldn’t have gone to work in the first place. We nearly froze before we finally found and fixed the problem with our equipment. Everyone was miserable and discouraged before we finally succeeded in getting everything running properly again.

It occurred to me later that no matter how hard our day is, and no matter how miserable we are, life is always beautiful. It is full of ups and downs, but they are all for a purpose and we should try  hard to learn from all of our experiences, not only from the good ones. Life brings us many trials, but without them  life would be an empty shell. Too much success makes a hollow person. In spite of my sometimes hard life I thank God for letting me have so many experiences, and for giving me the means to earn my own way and take pride in what I do.

Spice up your kitchen decor with a new spice rack

Here is a quiz for you; what item in your kitchen is one of the most useful, but also can add taste and elegance to your decor? Give up? Okay, here is the answer; it is spice racks. They keep your cooking spices ready to hand and easy to find, you know you sometimes need to grab the right spice quickly before the soup burns. kitchen spice racks can also make your kitchen look more charming and tasteful. is a wonderful place to buy a new spice rack for your kitchen. You have the comfort and simplicity of shopping online, and they offer spice racks in metal, wood, and plastic or glass. I especially love the stainless racks.  They add brightness and cheer to a kitchen. The spice racks you will find at are not your usual run of the mill products, they are very classy. In case you can't make a decision which rack you love most, has expert customer service to help you decide from their huge selection.

You will also get free shipping on all spice racks, low price protection, and an unbeatable guarantee of satisfaction. There are exclusive products that you won't find anywhere else, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, check out and spice up your  kitchen decor!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An empty mind in time, saves typing

Have you ever just ran out of words to write? Usually I don’t, but sometimes, like today, I just don’t have anything interesting to say. I started to write a post about songs we used to sing when we were kids, but after a few lines I lost interest and erased it.

Sometimes my mind is full of ideas that I want to write about. Sometimes I just overflow with what at the time seems to be bright ideas or subjects that can’t wait to be discussed. Tonight my mind is full, of absolutely nothing that is worth writing about. So to you my readers I apologize. There is only the weather to pratt on and on about. At least it constantly changes, warm one day, cold and snow the next. Kind of like my mind…….

Having an above ground pool to cool off in is our dream for this summer

Summer and hot weather will be back before we know it! I can’t wait, I am sick of this cold weather and ready to have some fun in the sun. My wife and I have talked about how we would love to have a swimming pool so we could relax and cool off easily when the hot weather hits. We can’t afford an in-ground pool but we think a nice above ground pool would be exactly what we need.

There are many sizes and they come in all price ranges so I am sure we can find the one that suits us best. This is the best time of the year to buy because its off season. We have found discount prices as low as 50% off regular price, and even bigger discounts on pool chemicals. We can save two ways, one is by taking advantage of winter specials, and the other is by shopping for our new pool online. That way we can find the best deal without having to leave the comfort of our home or wasting gasoline driving from store to store comparing prices.

A swimming pool is probably the most bang for your buck when it comes to relaxing and having fun, plus its great for every member of the family. Swimming is great exercise, and a great way to have some family togetherness. My wife and I hope to have a child soon so hopefully there will someday be 3 of us in our new pool.

Improve your blog traffic, learn, and have fun, all at the same site

One of my favorite things is blogging, and yes I do earn a few dollars here and there doing it. Blogging lets me air my feelings to the world. I not only reach a lot of people, but I also have all the time I need to pick and choose my words. Blogging for money is common nowadays and its a wonderful way to make some bucks at home, doing something you love to do. There are a lot of sites where you can start a blog, some you have to pay for, and some are free. Which is best? I am not sure that there is a "best" one, but one of my personal favorites is YouSayToo, because they give you so many options.

What stands out with YouSayToo is the fact that you have the choice of adding an already existing blog to their site, or you can start a blog with them. You can read posts from other blogs, you can play fun games, such as Boxhead 2 and Age of War, catch up on news, science, technology, and much more. Best of all you can earn some money from your own blog through Amazon and AdSense. There is even a picture gallery that you can view, or add pictures of your own.

YouSayToo is kind of like a one stop site for fun, entertainment, learning, and earning money. You can even win awards. I saw several listed for $100 each. One great thing about YouSayToo is that if you enter your blog, you can increase your site traffic a lot. That  helps build page rank, which helps you earn even more money from your blog. If you enjoy blogging like I do and want to increase your traffic and earnings, check out YouSayToo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Where there’s a will, there’s a way part 2

In an earlier post I mentioned how my brother and I used to try to build everything we needed, and we would attempt to fix anything. I mean literally anything. Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we failed miserably. We had fun just trying though and I wish more people now days would get into being more self sufficient. There is a huge amount of satisfaction in doing things with your hands, and having it turn out well.

I recall once we were rebuilding a car engine and it came time to reseat the valves. Once again we were out of luck because it was a weekend and the local car parts store was closed. That meant no valve grinding compound and no reseated valves until the next week. We weren’t about to accept that verdict after working so hard to finish that engine so we put our not so brilliant brains to work to find a way.

Find a way we did! We mixed some Ajax cleaner and some oil together into a paste, dabbed some on the valves, put the valve stems into an electric drill one at a time and give em a spin, and it reseated the valves perfectly. All we had to do was wipe off the home made grinding compound after we finished. That ol’ motor ran like a top and once again we came through for mere pennies, saved money, and had some fun; not to mention learning more self sufficiency.

Play pokies online, and get some really good bonus deals

If you like to play  online pokies, I have found the site for you. Its called and it can become your one stop site for pokie playing. This site covers everything from  free pokies to iPhone pokies. All you have to do is create an account and you are good to go! If you don’t wish to register an account, you still have the choice of 90 free online pokie games for you to try.

When you join, you will get perks, such as free spins and bonus deals. How does a 150% match sound? While looking over the site I found bonus deals up to $500.00! That means that when you deposit money they will match it 100%, up to $500.00. That’s a better deal than you are likely to find elsewhere.

Some of the pokie games are instant play, and some require downloads. You can win real money with both. The instant games are growing in popularity with players, simply because they don't require a software download. You have the choice of using your computer or your iPhone to play online pokies. Its your decision; both are fun and both can make you a winner!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

My memories sometimes take me back to my younger days when my brother and I would try to build everything we needed, instead of buying it. Some of our ideas worked well, and some didn’t, but all were fun. I recall one time he was over at my house and the universal joint went out of his truck. The local auto parts store wasn’t open on weekends so we had no way to buy another universal joint. We decided to try to give it a temporary fix so he could drive the truck home. We actually used a strip of aluminum cut from a soda or beer can to wrap the inside of the cup on the universal joint. We got it wrapped tightly so it fit pretty well and reassembled it. I wouldn’t have given a nickel for his chances to make it even to the end of the driveway, much less home, but he did make it. Not only did he make it home, he drove that truck for several years afterward, and never did replace that universal joint. I have no idea how it held up for so long but it did. He even hauled a lot of heavy loads on that truck. That is just one of our brainstorms that worked out pretty well. There were many more….

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pepper spray is a cheap and efficient form of self defense

Ladies, do you live in an area where you have fears of being attacked? Do you ever have to cross a dark parking lot alone? Do you feel completely secure in your home or apartment? Every day there are stories on the news of women being attacked, sometimes molested or even killed. Let me give you some advice that will bolster your confidence and security. It is simply this; carry some protection that works. Most people are not qualified or licensed to carry a gun, plus guns can be dangerous or even lethal; sometimes to the carrier. There are much better choices, read on.

My advice to all of you ladies out there is to carry pepper spray with you at all times. It comes in small packages, its very affordable, and best of all, it works! It works not only on people, but animals as well. Pepper spray causes immediate temporary blindness and lung inflammation. That means that your assailant can't see or breathe properly. You can escape easily and leave the attacker something to remember that may deter him from making the same mistake again.

Another affordable and easy to carry method of self defense is stun guns or tasers. They come in many shapes and forms, and when you zap your attacker you can rest assured that he won't bother you more.

Don't take unnecessary risks with your life. Get some protection that you can easily carry in your purse or pocket. Then when you go out you will be able to walk with a sense of security and confidence like you have never had before. Spending a few dollars now may save your life later.

I save a lot of money by doing my own mechanic work

I discovered a long time ago that I was good at working with my hands. I also discovered that I can save a lot of money by doing my own mechanic work. I haven't took a car to a garage for professional service in many years. Professional mechanics now charge from $50.00 to $100.00 or more per hour! That is a lot more than I can afford, plus I have the satisfaction of knowing that when I fix my car the job is done right. What I do is purchase the car parts online, and have them delivered right to my door. Then I install them and the job is done. Its quick and easy.

I live and work in a rural area, and I really don't have the time for a weekday trip to town for auto parts. That is why I usually buy them online. The online prices are usually very competitive, and I often save a bundle compared to buying the same parts at the auto parts store in town. There is a lot of competition online so with just a little shopping around, I always get the best deal. If you are mechanically inclined this is something for you to consider also. If you are not mechanically able you can still save a lot of money by buying your parts online, and then having your favorite mechanic install them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally, a website that will help you find a weight loss product that really works

I am not young anymore, but I'm not old either. It's amazing how many changes I have seen in my life, in both people and technology.  I  often wonder what the next 20 or 30 years will bring. I am not sure our orderly society will survive it unless we make some much needed changes, quickly. One of the major changes I have seen over the years is in the way people keep getting fatter and fatter. Obesity is such a problem now, compared to when I was in school in the 1970's. Nearly everyone was slim then, and we took pride in our shapely figures. Now being fat is accepted, and it's considered politically incorrect to make any demeaning comment to the contrary. I disagree with that mentality. Yes we should try to spare the feelings of others, but the truth is the truth. Fat is fat, its ugly, and its unhealthy. Something needs to be done, and fast, to help people lose the extra weight before it causes more health problems than our health system can endure. Weight loss and exercise should be in our list of top priorities in the years to come, before it becomes an insurmountable problem. You can have politically correct and hear all about how nice you look at 300 pounds, or you can hear the truth, and here it is. Fat will kill you! Get rid of it and get your life back!

There is so much hype in the diet market. Everyone has something that they promise will work, but rarely does. Some weight loss pills really do work, if you use them along with proper diet and exercise habits, but how can you tell what works and what doesn't?

Luckily there is now a web site that will help you find the best weight loss pills for your needs. The site is aptly called and they offer advice and help on diet pills, proper excercise, and diets that really do work. On their site you will see weight loss pill reviews so you can cross compare and make an educated judgement on what will work best. There is tons of information on web site so if you are ready to turn your life around and get back in control, you owe it to yourself to check them out today. Throw that box of Twinkies away, and get this new year started off right with a new healthier you!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bitter cold!

Some of my work requires me to be outside and let me tell you; today was bitterly cold! More bad news, tomorrow morning is supposed to be even worse; about zero degrees and some wind to make sure it penetrates my clothes. I dread it, but what the heck. I’m tough and I have done it many times before. I made a choice many years ago to give up my easy but more stressful office job to work at something much harder, and with less creature comforts, but more rewarding. I  haven’t regretted it, but sometimes on a super cold morning I can’t help but remember that always warm office and the hot coffee that was always waiting in plentiful supply…….

Use your heart to choose your art

Most of us enjoy art, and we want the walls of our homes adorned with something tasteful, and preferable unique. Some of the most desirable art to me is from  Shepard Fairey. They have heartful art for your artful heart, including a large collection of out of print  Shepard Fairey Art that will make your mouth water.

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 11 17.13

You can search through their large selection by year, price, or you can choose collections; such as 20th anniversary retro or 3 face offset poster. These are high quality art pieces, and very collectible since they are out of print. You need to act soon, before they are all gone. It's a chance in a lifetime to own these tasteful  Shepard Fairey Prints. Imagine your friends envy when they see them on your wall!

If you have been wondering what to use your income tax refund for this year, let me suggest that it's time to spice up your home with some new art. Check out Shepard Fairey Prints online and speak to a live expert. Let them help you choose something for your home that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its easy to find the best web hosting service for your site, here’s how

So you have a website, but you don't get enough traffic. What can you do to make sure people visit your site? You need to use a good webhosting service. One that is dependable, affordable, and has great technical support in case you need it.

There are many web hosting services out there, and many do a good job. Some however do a great job and are very affordable. How can you choose among so many? There is a website now called  WebHostingRating  that lives up to their name; they rate hosting services for any application you can think of. You can search through hosts rated for Linux, Windows, Best Budget Hosting, Colocation, Email, Multiple Domain, and many more.

If you need a great hosting guide to steer you through things like web hosting, domain names, seo, and other ways to optimize your site, look no further than the links above. You will be taken care of by the best experts in the business. Check out WebHostingRating online and let them prove what they can do for you today!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is our life here spent for little more than to impress others?

The world is made up of two kinds of people; the followers, and the ones who blaze their own trail. Some people have the need to constantly please others, and some have the need to impress and be noticed.

I have always taken great pride in going my own way and not following along behind others. I am aloof from the ways of the world, and rarely bow to peer pressure. I am tough and proud of it. Well, except that in one of my recent rare brilliant mind flashes, it came to me that we are all striving to please others. We just have different ways of going about it.

Its true, some of us to seem to go our own way and make our own trails, but in the long run isn’t it mostly to please, impress, pay back, outdo, or amuse others? You have to think things through to a deep level to realize this. That’s why it took me so long to get it done. We work to live, but we work extra hard and long to have a nicer home, nicer car, money for frills and thrills; some of which we truly desire, but most because we think others will be impressed.

Try to think of how you would live if you was the only human left in this world. Nobody to impress, nobody to overcome, nobody to outdo, no jealousies, no desires other than to take good care of our own self and life. Hmmm I think we would live in a house that was easily taken care of, drive a car that was practical for our circumstances, and eat exactly the foods that we love most. A huge house would be impractical. We wouldn’t use the extra space so no need to have it to add to our cleaning duties.

My wife and I probably live closer to the practical no-nonsense kind of life that I am talking about than most people do. Still, we sometimes steer certain parts of our lives according to things that we think will impress, or at least not offend someone else. I guess that is just people trying to fit into society. Much better to fit into God’s scheme for us that the Bible states in this way; “Be no part of this world”. It seems impossible, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be part of society, or that we have to ignore others. It means that God and his way comes first and foremost, and that we shouldn’t yield to the temptations of envy and jealousy that make us want to have more than our fellow man.

Beta blockers can save your life

It occurred to me recently that I am getting older, and therefore more prone to having a heart attack. I also don't eat right or exercise enough. I decided that its time to take matters into my own hands and try to take preventive action to help my health stay good. I have started taking fish oil and checking my blood pressure to make sure it remains within bounds. If I do start having problems with high blood pressure, a doctor will probably prescribe beta blockers for me.

What beta blockers do is to control how your body responds to some kinds of nerve impulses, therefore regulating your hearts contractions, beat rate, and the force with which it pumps. What this does is to help lower high blood pressure or relieve angina.

Beta blockers are one of the most potent medicines in the fight against heart attacks, and may be taken in tablet, capsules, liquid forms, or even by injection. There are several kinds, and some beta blockers are even added to eye drops to treat glaucoma.

Heart attacks no longer have to be inevitable. Now with modern medical care we can easily get regular check ups and treatments that can give us many more healthy years of life.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Collectibles can be a way from rags to riches, or not

I have been watching some of the tv shows about collectible items, and its amazing how much some of them are worth. If a person could only know what was valuable and what was not, and where to sell the stuff, I have no doubt that you could make a good living. Unfortunately its usually the items that don’t catch your eye that are most valuable. Some of the antiques that look so valuable to me, don’t seem to be worth much at all. But a simple dish or knick knack may be worth hundreds, or thousands.

We like to watch “Pawn Stars” on tv. It’s amazing how much Rick knows about so many things, but sometimes even he gets fooled. Some of the items that come into the pawn shop look like something I wouldn’t even give up room to in a garage, but they may be worth a mint. There was a lottery ticket signed by George Washington that someone brought in to the shop last week. It was in perfect condition, and certainly didn’t look like it was more than 200 years old. Rick thought it was a fake, and so did I. It wasn’t. It turned out to be the real McCoy and was very valuable. It has simply been cared for and was in pristine condition.

The Antiques Road Show is also interesting to watch. Some of the people walk out crushed that their treasure is not a real treasure, and some walk out richer than they ever hoped to wish. It would be nice to understand what is valuable and what is not, but I think its nearly impossible. There are of course experts in every field, but probably no-one understands it all. Oh well, guess I’ll have to work for a living…

Find your way through the maze of debt, back to financial freedom

So many people now are the victims of our sluggish economy. One day we have a good job, a nice home and car; and the next day all we have left is debt. We can't give up, life goes on and we must go on also. The answer is finding some  debt relief to give us a chance to move on with our lives. One recourse is filing for bankruptcy, but that will ruin your credit standing for many years, making it hard to ever have a productive life.

One approach that is proven to work is  debt settlement. It is best for people who have large debts and are wanting to avoid bankruptcy. The way it works is like this. A debt settlement company will do  debt negotiation with your creditors to get them to accept a lesser amount of money to settle your debt to them. Most creditors would rather take less than to lose it all if you take bankruptcy.

This method is great for people who have little or no chance of ever paying back what they owe. It gives a way out to people who wish to do what they can to settle their debts. It also gives the creditors a way to avoid total loss of their money.

Examples of people that this method might help are people going through a divorce, a death in the family with expenses incurred, people who have lost their means of income, medical emergencies, or a business that has failed. If you or someone you know is facing a situation similar to these, be sure to check out United Debt Counseling. They can help you to get the ball rolling toward financial freedom once again!