Saturday, January 1, 2011

Collectibles can be a way from rags to riches, or not

I have been watching some of the tv shows about collectible items, and its amazing how much some of them are worth. If a person could only know what was valuable and what was not, and where to sell the stuff, I have no doubt that you could make a good living. Unfortunately its usually the items that don’t catch your eye that are most valuable. Some of the antiques that look so valuable to me, don’t seem to be worth much at all. But a simple dish or knick knack may be worth hundreds, or thousands.

We like to watch “Pawn Stars” on tv. It’s amazing how much Rick knows about so many things, but sometimes even he gets fooled. Some of the items that come into the pawn shop look like something I wouldn’t even give up room to in a garage, but they may be worth a mint. There was a lottery ticket signed by George Washington that someone brought in to the shop last week. It was in perfect condition, and certainly didn’t look like it was more than 200 years old. Rick thought it was a fake, and so did I. It wasn’t. It turned out to be the real McCoy and was very valuable. It has simply been cared for and was in pristine condition.

The Antiques Road Show is also interesting to watch. Some of the people walk out crushed that their treasure is not a real treasure, and some walk out richer than they ever hoped to wish. It would be nice to understand what is valuable and what is not, but I think its nearly impossible. There are of course experts in every field, but probably no-one understands it all. Oh well, guess I’ll have to work for a living…

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