Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Having an above ground pool to cool off in is our dream for this summer

Summer and hot weather will be back before we know it! I can’t wait, I am sick of this cold weather and ready to have some fun in the sun. My wife and I have talked about how we would love to have a swimming pool so we could relax and cool off easily when the hot weather hits. We can’t afford an in-ground pool but we think a nice above ground pool would be exactly what we need.

There are many sizes and they come in all price ranges so I am sure we can find the one that suits us best. This is the best time of the year to buy because its off season. We have found discount prices as low as 50% off regular price, and even bigger discounts on pool chemicals. We can save two ways, one is by taking advantage of winter specials, and the other is by shopping for our new pool online. That way we can find the best deal without having to leave the comfort of our home or wasting gasoline driving from store to store comparing prices.

A swimming pool is probably the most bang for your buck when it comes to relaxing and having fun, plus its great for every member of the family. Swimming is great exercise, and a great way to have some family togetherness. My wife and I hope to have a child soon so hopefully there will someday be 3 of us in our new pool.

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