Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding centerpieces are important to your wedding theme

You're getting married, and there are so many things to think about and get just right; from the wedding gown of the bride, to the personalized napkins, to the wedding invitations, to the wedding centerpieces. The list goes on and on, you want everything just right and no unpleasant surprises on your magic day.

Speaking of wedding centerpieces, have you chosen yours yet? You want your wedding reception to go without a hitch and impress upon your guests that your dream day has been well planned. Wedding centerpieces can be simple or contemporary; traditional or complex; but they need to carry the theme of your wedding well.

Candle centerpieces are always popular and accept a floral arrangement very well. Did you know that you can even have custom printed candles? You can if you chose, and miniature lanterns or water candles are also possibilities that you should consider. You want your wedding centerpieces to stand out and accentuate your wedding decor. Make your reception the dream come true that you have always wanted. Plan your wedding well and try not to have any unexpected surprises. After all, it is your wedding, your special day; it's all about you so make it right!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding invitations set the theme of your wedding

One of the first thoughts you have when you start planning your wedding is about wedding invitations and what design will best fit your wedding. Wedding invitations can actually help set the whole direction of your special day, since they will be the first thing that your potential guests will see. For example, if you want to have a western inspired wedding with cowboys and cowgirls, you would certainly want your wedding invitations to have a western theme; perhaps something rustic or made to look like an old wanted poster.
Along with the wedding invitations you send out, you will also want to include RSVP cards so your guests can easily respond to tell you if they are going to be able to attend. RSVP cards can be simple with only basic information, or they can be more involved to include guests food preferences, allergies, etc.

When you set down to prepare your wedding invitations, it is important to use proper etiquette. Be thoughtful of your guests and their needs in addition to planning your wedding in an way that will make your day the most special of your life. It is necessary to have everything thought out well, such as; who is paying for the wedding? Will both families be equally involved? Who will be the host of your wedding? Give it a lot of thought, do some research online, and make your wedding a day that you and everyone else will remember forever!

Friday, October 12, 2012

How to stop smoking and live to tell the tale

So you want to quit smoking. Let me guess, you have tried before but just couldn't stick it out. Maybe you have even tried it many times. It is amazing how something so tiny and nondescript as a cigarette can cause you to have such strong feelings of panic and irritability when you don't have one. I remember those feelings all too well. Once, a long time ago I decided to stop smoking. I was on my last pack and I made up my mind to quit, psyched myself up, then courageously ripped the remaining cigarettes to pieces and threw them out the door into the yard. A couple of hours later I was outside on my hands and knees, searching in the dark for a bit of cigarette large enough to smoke. If I had flushed them instead it would have meant a trip to the store to buy more. I psyched myself up many times to quit smoking but it never seemed to help. I tried cutting down. I tried quitting but taking a puff or two just when I felt I had to have it to survive. I tried substituting candy, sunflower seeds, gum, food, you name it, but nothing worked. I even tried switching to snuff and chewing tobacco to stop smoking. All that accomplished was to get me hooked on that as well as cigarettes. Then I had two habits to kick instead of one. Actually I did quit smoking many times for varying amounts of time. Once I quit for 15 months and then went back to my habit. What a fool I was that time! Probably there is nothing in this world that is more addicting than nicotine. Eventually I did stop smoking for good. Now I have been tobacco free for nearly 9 years!  


How did I do it? I found a way that made it possible, although still difficult. I recalled how my mind would play tricks on me every time I tried to quit tobacco. If I suffered through all or most of a day without a cigarette my mind would tell me things like "Good job! You did great and you deserve a reward, have a cigarette"! When I had managed to go for several days or even weeks without a cigarette my mind would say "Atta boy! You have now kicked the habit. You can now safely have a puff or two, even a whole cigarette won't hurt you because you are cured of the habit! Go ahead and smoke one, just to see if they still taste good". Of course when I did what my mind (and heart) were telling me to do I was instantly hooked right back on the nasty habit again. I was actually hooked the whole time, I was never "cured" like my mind led me to believe. Let me tell you this. Once an addict always an addict. When you quit you can NEVER touch cigarettes again. Just one puff will be your downfall as it was mine. You MUST make up your mind to that before you take the next step.  Does the story above sound familiar? It has been played out millions of times by millions of people. Nicotine is a very addictive drug and your mind and body will play any trick they can to get their fix. Common sense goes right out the window where nicotine is concerned. Don't underestimate nicotine and its paralyzing hold. It is not only a powerful drug, it is also a powerful poison. I read one that the nicotine contained in just one cigarette was enough to kill an adult, if your body could absorb it instantly. Fortunately it absorbs more slowly so we live to suffer longer, and get more addicted.   


So how did I stop smoking? I decided to be the one that played mind games on myself, instead of letting the nicotine do it. Here is the kicker and what gave me strength to pull through. I never quit. Yep that’s what I said, I never quit. So why did I say earlier that I did quit? Because I did. Pretty confusing huh! Actually I did quit, by not quitting. Even more confusing now I know but let me explain. One night as I was getting ready for bed I decided once again that I would like to stop smoking. I decided that this time I would do it relatively stress free and if I didn't succeed it was no big deal. I would just try over and over until I did succeed. I did not psyche myself up like I had before. In fact I didn't even tell myself I was going to quit smoking. I didn't tell myself that I couldn't have a cigarette. I didn't make promises that I didn't know if I was brave enough to keep. I just decided to make an attempt and do my best.  What I did was just go calmly to bed, after smoking a cigarette, slept well, and woke the next morning craving a cigarette. I told myself that I could have one if I wanted it, but I didn't have to have it right then. I could wait a minute or two. Also I had a few of the nicotine patches left from previous attempts. I put one of those on and went about my business. Soon the craving increased, but for once panic didn't set in. Why? Because I hadn't stopped smoking yet, I had only put it off for the time being. Well, to make a long story short I made it all the way through that day tobacco free! The next day I again put on a fresh nicotine patch and postponed having a cigarette. Surprisingly I made it through that day too. The third day, same thing. Fourth day, I cut 2/3 from one of the patches and wore that instead of a whole patch. Smoke free again. Fifth day, another 2/3 piece, then sixth and seventh days I wore the 1/3 piece I had cut off the other patches. Then I went off the patches completely. I stopped smoking with a total of five nicotine patches that I trimmed to last for seven days! 


So what about fixing the craving? For the first couple of weeks I allowed myself anything to eat, chew, or hold in my mouth that I wanted. But after that I cut back to regular meals and sometimes a snack. I did not allow myself to substitute the usual candy or sunflower seeds like I had before. Why? It is simple and its another mind game you have to play with yourself. Anything you substitute for tobacco BECOMES tobacco to your mind. You are only feeding your craving when you stick something in your mouth to take the place of cigarettes. Trust me on this, if you eat candy, chew gum, or whatever, you are constantly reminding yourself of what you really want in your mouth, a cigarette. Don't do it. After the first couple of weeks you can make it without the substitutes! Is it easy? Of course not, it is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I kept part of a pack of cigarettes in the house until just a couple of months ago. I had never really quit. I had just postponed smoking for 6 1/2 years. Finally I threw the aged yellowed pack in the trash. Now I have finally quit smoking, and you can too! Probably the most important element of quitting cigarettes is simply that you have to WANT to stop. If you do desire to be tobacco free, you can be. Make the choice and do it with less stress like I did. Remember that even though you may not be able to stop smoking, you can certainly postpone having a cigarette, indefinitely, it worked for me!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally, a way to relieve back pain

Do you suffer from back pain? I can tell you from experience that it can get you down to the point that you can't function in ordinary life or work. Is there any relief you ask? Yes, there are now methods of relieving back pain and giving you a much more satisfactory and pain free life. LGMedSupply supplies items such as TENS Units, Muscle Stimulators and Ultrasound Units to give your back that much needed relief. What these do is to stimulate the muscles in your back to increase their strength and tone. This will give you a payback in back pain relief and a higher quality of life. The stimulator I recommend most is the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator.

If you suffer from back pain you probably know that the more your back hurts, the less you want to use it. The less you exercise, the more your back hurts. It's a never ending cycle of pain and debilitation. Now there is a solution. You need to take a look at  LGMedSupply Online and look at the products intended to help you live the rest of your life pain free.

The more information you have on why your back hurts, and possible alternatives to help the pain, the more likely you are to make an informed decision that will change your life for the better. Visit LGMedSupply Online and check out all of the information they have posted there. They also have an online customer blog covering topics such as Medicare information on purchasing TENS Units, risks of overdosing on certain drugs, and info on mobility equipment etc.

It's time to change your life for the better and get the information and equipment you need to live your life in a normal and pain free fashion, just the way life was meant to be.

A sand ceremony will help your wedding memories last forever

As you are probably aware, a lot of people are electing to include a sand ceremony as part of their wedding. It's a way of demonstrating to everyone that you and your chosen one are becoming as one. Of course you will need a few accessories to make everything go without a hitch. I recommend that you check out Weddingstar. They have easily customizable wedding sets and a variety of vases and candles to make everything special. You should consider getting personalized candles to give it that extra touch that shows everyone just how you feel about the day that begins the rest of your life with the one you love. The rules are not carved in stone, and you may want to get a personal engraving so you will have a keepsake to forever represent your wedding day. Make everything perfect, don't overlook anything or leave anything out. After all, you won't get a second chance! Take a look at all that Weddingstar has to offer, then get started planning your wedding day!

Use custom designed wedding decorations to make your special day go perfectly

You finally did it; you said yes and now your big day is rapidly approaching. It's time to panic! Not really. You need to let Weddingstar handle your wedding decorations needs. They have just about anything you can imagine to make your special day go without a hitch. Check them out and you will find cake toppers, wedding favors, and all kinds of wedding decorations. What is unique about Weddingstar is that they manufacture almost everything they sell so they can cover special needs and have something to please everyone. Weddingstar has over 3000 custom designed wedding accessories and a helpful staff that will assist you in getting everything "just right." Keep it simple or make it as complicated as you want, they can handle it all. They bring the fun back into wedding planning. Take my advice and have a low stress wedding by letting Weddingstar help you to plan it just right. After all it is YOUR special day and you deserve the best!

Personalized napkins give your wedding that extra kick

When you have your special day, it's time to splurge and make your wedding a day to remember for the rest of your life. There are so many things to get just right. You don't want even one little mistake to spoil the most special event of your life. Here is an idea to give your wedding that special "kick" that shows people that you have thought of every detail. You need personalized napkins to show your guests that not even one tiny item was unplanned or forgotten. You make the choice of how extravagant the napkins are going to be, or how simple; it's entirely up to you. Imagine the pride you will have when your guests see how beautiful and well planned your wedding is. Using plain regular napkins will leave an important area of your biggest day, well, blah to say the least. Let's get everything done just right and get personalized napkins that are sure to impress and please.