Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding invitations set the theme of your wedding

One of the first thoughts you have when you start planning your wedding is about wedding invitations and what design will best fit your wedding. Wedding invitations can actually help set the whole direction of your special day, since they will be the first thing that your potential guests will see. For example, if you want to have a western inspired wedding with cowboys and cowgirls, you would certainly want your wedding invitations to have a western theme; perhaps something rustic or made to look like an old wanted poster.
Along with the wedding invitations you send out, you will also want to include RSVP cards so your guests can easily respond to tell you if they are going to be able to attend. RSVP cards can be simple with only basic information, or they can be more involved to include guests food preferences, allergies, etc.

When you set down to prepare your wedding invitations, it is important to use proper etiquette. Be thoughtful of your guests and their needs in addition to planning your wedding in an way that will make your day the most special of your life. It is necessary to have everything thought out well, such as; who is paying for the wedding? Will both families be equally involved? Who will be the host of your wedding? Give it a lot of thought, do some research online, and make your wedding a day that you and everyone else will remember forever!

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