Sunday, February 28, 2010

The best web hosting sites are easy to find now

My wife and I just joined a new blog hosting site. Its a great site, but we found out later that we could have saved money if we had known how. After we had already subscribed to our site, we found a place that rates web hosting sites and has a list of the top 10 rated web hosting sites. There are lists and reviews of everything from the best email host to the best blog hosting sites. That is what we need as we have several blogs. Some of the web hosting sites provide free domains and large marketing bonuses. Some sites provide very good services for nearly nothing. Its easy to make a choice when all of the information is right at our fingertips. No need to take precious time to research every site ourselves. My wife and I will probably continue to use our new blog hosting site. We do like it, but if we had known before how much money we could save I think we would be using a different hosting site now. If you are starting a new website or looking for a new host for your existing one, I urge you to take a look at the site I found. You can save a bundle of money, and also time, because now you don't have to research site after site looking for what you want. The sites are all rated, reviewed, and listed in order of services versus price. Go take a look!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Its time to redecorate for spring!

Spring is in the air and its time for spring cleaning, yard cleaning, and its time to re-decorate! My wife and I are needing to replace some of our furniture. We need some new recliners and a new dining set. We decided that the first place to look was online, because we have learned that shopping online is so much easier, plus we always get the best deals available anywhere. Well, we were right. We found a place called Mydeco that has some super nice furniture of all kinds, descriptions, and price ranges. On their site we found Armchairs, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, kids furniture, sofas, shelves, wardrobes, and much more. In addition to their already low prices you will find voucher codes on their site for further discounts. Make no mistake, this furniture is high quality, name brand, and very stylish. It will make any home shine with new appeal. Spring is coming soon and its time to start fixing up our homes so that when Mother Nature makes everything new and green again, our homes can come alive along with it. Take a look at Mydeco and check out their great selection and prices.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nest year I may consider getting a flu shot

After nearly two weeks of having the flu guess what; I still have it, and I’m not getting any better. I don’t know what to do. I have lost nearly 15 pounds now and I’m so weak I can barely walk. I still have fever off and on, and I have to force myself to eat. Eating then drives my fever back up, which takes away my appettite. My wife is worried about me, and I’m getting worried about me too. I haven’t been able to work for these last two weeks. I’m sick of the flu. I had no idea that it could make me this sick. Maybe next year I will consider taking a flu shot. That is, if I am still alive by then. My lovely wife takes great care of me, and gives me long massages, tries to feed me, etc. Anyway, I hope all of you escape this, whatever kind of flu it is. Take care and have a great week!

Friday, February 19, 2010

How can I scan my blog for spam?

Does anyone know where I can find a free spam scanner for my blog? My google account was disabled for a day because of malware, but I have no idea what or where the malware was. I simply deleted everything with a link that I had put on my blog for the last week or so. Now the malware seems to be gone. Google did restore my account, but it worried me a lot. This blog has a lot of work in it. The same thing nearly happened to my wife. Her blog was reported to have malware and I quickly deleted her lastest posts too. So far her account is still on so hopefully its ok now. I wish Blogger provided a spam tool like some of the other blog services do.

If any of you know of a way I can periodically scan my blog for spam, please let me know. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Online Casinos Planet will help you win big!

So you love to gamble online but you have no idea which online casino is best. They are certainly not equal. Some give much bigger bonuses than others, some give freebies. I have some great news! There is a website called Online Casinos Planet that has took all of the guesswork out of gambling online. Online Casinos Planet has done a lot of research, so we don't have too. The result of that hard work is a list, and ratings of the best sites to gamble online. You will get a list of casinos, bonus, payouts, rank, and even reviews. It doesn't matter what country you are from. You can choose your country and still get the info you need. There are even some online casino videos that you can watch to give you more information. Whether your game is Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Craps, Video Poker, or Baccarat, you will find them all here. Make your money go further and your winnings bigger. Gambling from home is so much handier than having to drive to a casino. You can do it anytime, in your spare time. Go check out Online Casinos Planet and let them help you find the best casino for you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seeing the National Finals Rodeo is a dream of mine

There is a rodeo near here that has had a yearly event for many years. It takes place the first few days of July with the 4th being the highlight. Thats the last day when its decided which cowboys win the most points. When I was a kid one of the things we looked forward to most was our yearly sojourn to see this rodeo. If we went on the 4th of July there was a firework show afterward. As good as that local rodeo is, its just one step on the ladder to success for the cowboys. What they are working so hard to achieve is to get to compete at the National Finals Rodeo, and hopefully to win. The cowboys at the NFR are the cream of the crop and the ultimate rodeo athletes. I would love to go see the NFR in person. That is the ultimate rodeo and good clean family fun. Tickets to the NFR is a dream of mine and hopefully soon I will realize that dream. It would make memories that would last for a lifetime. My wife is from another country and has never seen a rodeo. I know she would be very excited to see all of the action at the NFR. I am still like a kid in some ways, one of my favorite parts of the rodeo will always be the clowns, but the cowboy action is great too. When we buy tickets to the NFR, I want seats that are close to the chutes. That will put us close to the action and give us a great look at whats going on. My wife and I hope to have a kid soon and we want to make some special family memories at the NFR, just as my family did at our local rodeo. Rodeos are one of the best ways that a family can have fun together, because they are appealing to all ages and cultures. May all of your rodeo memories be as special as mine. Hope to see you soon at the NFR!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The flu finally caught up with my wife and me

My wife and I spent our Valentines Day with the flu. It was our first Valentines Day that we have ever got to spend together. In years past she was in her country and I was here in my country. She got the flu about 2 days after I did so she wasn't as sick as I was yesterday, but today she is feeling pretty bad. We both have fever, coughing, aches, and I had chills. I have been sick for 3 days now and didn't go to work today. Its bitterly cold outside and I am so glad I stayed home today. The wind is blowing and the windchill is about 13 degrees. I really need to go to work tomorrow and hopefully I can. My boss said he was sick when I called to tell him I wasn't coming. I guess he has the same thing we have. I will keep this pretty short today. My mind isn't working very well. I hope all of you escape the flu this year. Anyway, my wife and I did have a good Valentines Day in spite of being sick. I got her a huge teddy bear, some candy, flowers, and a card. She got me lots of candy, and a card, and lots of love. I told her that every day with her is like Valentines Day for me.... God bless you all

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day and a huge Teddy Bear

Valentines Day is coming soon. Yesterday my wife and I went shopping and I bought her a HUGE Teddy Bear. This bear is so big that I told my wife if I see it somewhere in the dark, I may shoot it. That is a joke of course, but the bear is bigger than my wife. She looks so cute holding it because it looks like it should be holding her instead.P1060863

This is the first year that my wife and I will get to spend Valentines Day together. She arrived here from the Philippines 11 months ago. She said that she will keep her big teddy forever, and when we have children they can play with it. I told her I doubt it, because an adult has trouble playing with that bear, its so big lol.

My wife and I feel that we are blessed by God. I am an American and she is a Filipina. We met, got married, got her a visa to come here, and it all took nearly 3 years. 3 long years that we didn’t get to be together except for my short visits to her country. We had so much to overcome. It tried our patience and sometimes measured the level of our love and trust for each other. We persevered and now we have the most wonderful sharing relationship. Its a romance and partnership that I only imagined before, but never thought I would find. May all of you someday find your perfect love like we did. Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sinus problems, why do so many suffer from it?

My wife is from the Philippines. There the air is very humid and warm. Here in the winter its very dry and cold. She suffers greatly from sinus problems. I don’t know if it will ever get better or not. I also suffer sometimes from sinus and I have lived here all my life. That brings me to wonder, ‘why do we have sinus problems?’ It seems that over the scores of centuries that man has been on this earth, we would have built up a resistance to sinus causing elements, such as mold, hay, pollen, dry air, etc. Science is all in a big rave now over evolution, and how we have evolved into the wonderfully smart and well adapted humans that we are (not), so what happened to evolution and sinuses? Why didn’t we just evolve and get rid of that nasty problem? I personally believe very much in God and I also believe very much that the first humans had a choice of who rules this earth. They chose Satan, which left God out of the picture until he decides to come back someday and reclaim his work. Now that makes sense. Satan is evil. He rules the earth. Sinus is nasty and awful. Hmmm, now I think I know why we didn’t “evolve” out of sinus problems. They were created especially for us by our present ruler. What do you think of my reasoning? Leave a comment for me.

Intentional Chocolate on a mission of mercy

I have thought so many times how awful it would be if everything we know was suddenly erased. Wiped out by a natural disaster or a terrorist act. My wife is from another country and I used to worry a lot about her being safe there. Thank goodness she is now here safe with me. Well as safe as we can make it. Nobody is completely safe, no matter where they are. The people of Haiti found that out when the huge earthquake hit them recently. What a pitiful scene we have all seen on the news and internet. Of course we all have good intentions, and would like to give them the support and aid they need. Some do give that help, but most of us put it off day by day and never act. One company has acted and in a large way. Intentional Chocolate has gained my admiration from the unselfish act they are performing. From now until Valentines Day, 100% of the profits made from the sale of their products will go to charities directly supporting the Haitian relief effort. It is said that Dark Chocolate will give a person longer life, but when you buy chocolate from Intentional Chocolate, it will help to give life to many. Nearly all of us buy chocolate for Valentines Day. This year, instead of buying from a self supporting department store, I urge you to support the efforts of Intentional Chocolate, and help to save the lives and health of the unfortunate people who lost everything. Remember the next time it happens, it could be you, or me.

Explore Argentina and have the time of your life!

One of the most beautiful countries in the world has to be Argentina. What a wonderful place to visit! My wife and I love to travel and when we found a website called Explore Argentina we were completely enthralled by the beauty. If you are interested in taking a Turismo en Argentina, you need to check out this site. This site will let you explore Argentina with a tour operator that is specialized in destinations in Argentina. Of course if you decide to visit Argentina, you will need to find Hoteles en Argentina. Well no need to look further. Explore Argentina can fix you up with a tailor made tour and special deals galore. Whether you need Hoteles en Buenos Aires or Hoteles en Bariloche they will take care of you and your needs. So who is Explore Argentina you ask? Well its a very successful inbound tour operator that has been helping people book tours to Argentina since 2001. It started with just 2 professionals, but now has grown to many. They provide personal assistance that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. When you use Explore Argentina, you will have a guarantee of the very best quality in service by their trained experts. Go visit this beautiful country, experience firsthand the tranquility and peacefulness. When planning your vacation this year, remember to Explore Argentina!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Don't miss visiting State Parks when you vacation

Sometimes when we are vacationing we overlook some of the most scenic and easily accessible sites. I am talking about state parks. They are the perfect place to visit if you are interested in beautiful scenery. When traveling in the western part of the United States, there are four state parks to visit that have outstanding scenery. They are Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah, Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California, Deception Pass State Park in Washington and Malibu Creek State Park in California. Dead Horse State Park consists of 5250 acres and visitors there can enjoy the views of the Colorado River Canyon as well as the Canyonlands National Park. This state park also has camping facilities with 21 campsites, electrical hookups, covered picnic tables, restrooms and a dump station. Camping is limited to two consecutive weeks per month. Big Basin Redwoods State Park is California's oldest State Park, established in 1902. Home to the largest continuous stand of Ancient Coast Redwoods south of San Francisco, the park consists of Old Growth and recovering Redwood Forest, with mixed conifer, oaks, chaparral, and riparian habitats. There are more than 80 miles of trails in this park. There is a nature lodge, outdoor theater, cabins, footbridge, and hiking trails. Deception Pass State Park is Washington's favorite state park. Many visitors come each year to see the spectacular pass and bridge. Because of Whidbey Island's temperate climate, many birds and waterfowl winter here, including an abundance of bald eagles. Fishing is popular in Cranberry Lake and in waters surrounding the Island. Sightseeing, dinner, and whale-watching cruises are available from many nearby businesses. Tent and RV camping are available year round. This park also boasts giant old growth forests, 30 miles of hiking trails. 19 miles of of saltwater shoreline, 3 freshwater lakes, 320 campsites. Scuba diving, saltwater and freshwater fishing. Malibu Creek State Park is only 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles and has hiking, fishing, bird watching and horseback riding opportunities. There are 15 miles of streamside trail through oak and sycamore woodlands an chaparral covered slopes. Twenty-five-mile Malibu Creek in the park is the principal water-course of the Santa Monica Mountains from Boney Mountain to Malibu Lagoon. The park was the center of Chumash Native American life for centuries and was once used to film numerous movies and TV shows, such as Planet of the Apes and M*A*S*H. In upcoming articles I plan to discuss more good vacation spots, but in the meantime be sure to check out the ones mentioned here. Lots of lovely scenery, hiking trails, streams, beautiful old trees, and so much more. Be sure to check out any state parks when you are traveling. They are one of the cheapest places you can visit on your vacation!

Better deals on insurance!

Our house insurance went up drastically this year and my wife and I started looking online trying to save some money. Well sure enough we found Insurance Franklin, MA at Berry Insurance. It seems to be very easy. We just have to answer 4 questions and we will get a free savings analysis. If we refer a friend we will receive a $50 gift card. Wow! We were originally looking for Homeowners Insurance Franklin, MA and they have some very good deals on that, but we found out that if we combine policies and add Auto Insurance Franklin, MA it will save us a lot of money. We noticed on the website that they have insurance for autos, homes, and businesses so no matter what our needs we can get it from Berry Insurance. There are FAQs pages on the website so you can read up and learn a lot about insurance and what pertains to you. Berry Insurance knows that your time is valuable, so they keep everything as simple as possible. There is a toll free number you can call, and they even have a blog to keep you informed of pertinent information. I think my wife and I can save a lot of money by using Berry Insurance, and we think you can too. Check them out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Windows Live writer is great!

We have a new laptop and it has Windows 7 for the OS. We love it! Windows 7 is much more stable and user friendly than the previous OS systems. Tonight I discovered Windows Live Writer and I am glad I did! It let me add all of our blogs and we can access them right from our desktop. It brings up all of the features of the blogs, such as layouts, posting, etc. No need to manually sign into the blogs anymore. This will be a great time saver. As a matter of fact, this post is published that way. Check it out and see what you think…

Huffington Post says Green Police Video is Hilarious!

According to the Huffington Post, once again the Green Police are taking to the streets to guard our environment and "punish" or teach as they call it, wrongdoers. On Super Bowl Sunday they will be admonishing you for such monstrous deeds as styrofoam, napkin, or power strip violations. Better gird your loins and look out! The Green Police are doing a series of funny but dead serious public service announcements advocating a cleaner lifestyle for us all. Audi is sponsoring the announcements as a teaser for their commercial promoting their diesel technology. Its pretty cool; they even got Cheap Trick to re-record "Dream Police" as "Green Police" for the PSA's. Its gonna be a hoot! Check out the link above and you can watch one of the announcements ahead of time. It is humorous, but the lesson it carries is one that we all need to hear, and learn. In a day when most of us are lackadaisical about protecting the future of our world, the Green Police are out there giving their time and efforts to take care of us all. Pay attention, laugh, and learn.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More bad weather, and lots of mud!

This is one of the nastiest winters I remember. It rains or snows every 2 or 3 days and the ground gets softer and muddier every day. The unpaved roads are getting bottomless. Roadworkers are hauling loads of gravel, trying to repair the roads so cars won't get stuck in the middle of the road. Thank goodness for 4WD. If we didn't have it we wouldn't be going anywhere. Last week we got a big snow, along with sleet and freezing rain. There is still quite a bit of it left here where we live, in spite of the slow drizzle we had all day yesterday. The rain usually melts the snow, and it did melt some, but the rain was just too cold to melt it all. What it did is to soak the already saturated ground much more. This morning we had another small snow. Not enough to make the roads slick, but enough to give the ground another good drenching. I'm starting to wonder if we might have some mudslides like we see on tv in other areas of the country. A few of the roads have already slid off the mountains and they are nearly impossible to repair, because the mud just isn't firm enough. This coming Monday guess what; thats right, more snow! Lol, actually I am kind of enjoying it because I am off work a lot because of the bad weather. I have worked hard for many years, so sitting for awhile makes me smile. Hope it does you too. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All play and no work, makes Jack sleep late

I have been off work for nearly a week now, but we are going back to work tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about that lol. When I am off work for awhile I revert back to my "old ways" of going to bed late and sleeping late. Then when I have to get up early to go to work again, it nearly kills me. I am going to miss being with my wife tomorrow. I have gotten used to being here with her all day and night. We have a marriage that is rare in that we love to be together. We are best friends, as well as partners and lovers. The snow still hasn't melted here yet and even though we are going to work tomorrow, I don't think it will last very long. We may work for a full day, but I don't think we will be there 2 days in a row. My boss told me on the phone earlier today that when the weather clears, we will be working 6 days per week. I dread that! I get so tired that I can barely function, but on the other hand, the money is good. The more money I make, the faster our bills get paid off. The faster our bills get paid off, the sooner we can have a baby. That is one of our goals that we are working for. We are trying to earn extra money online to help. We do pretty well at it too, if google would stop disabling our blogs for no reason. My wife and I have each lost a blog to googles robot crawler now. The idiot thinks our blogs are spam, which they most certainly are not. Unfortunately there is no way to contact our internet lord to complain, so the loss is ours. We opened some blogs on another site though to protect ourselves. We plan to gradually move our work there, and I encourage you, my readers to do the same. Don't risk months or years of hard work just to see it disappear because some robot program doesn't understand its job. Protect yourselves and your work. Hope all of you are having a great week. Still lots of snow on the ground here and rain on the way. Next week, a chance of more snow. Yippeeeee, maybe more time off work to be with my wife. God bless you all!

A New Horizon for your financial freedom

In this time of slow economy, its sometimes impossible to keep on top of our finances. It seems that things cost more and more, and we earn less and less. Eventually the two meet and we may not be able to make all of our payments on time, which of course leads to late charges, higher interest rates, and can ruin our credit. So what is the answer? One thing to consider is debt consolidation. I have discovered a new website called A New Horizon that provides non profit credit counseling nationwide. Their aim is to help individuals and families, who are having a hard time makeing ends meet, to learn how to manage their bills through debt consolidation. A New Horizon is a website that does just what their name suggests; They help you to find a new and brighter future. You will learn things such as; how to track your spending and put money aside for emergencies. They will assist you in planning a new budget that you can manage and teach you how to make it work. While I was checking out their site an online operator asked me how she could help me. Thats good service! One thing about debt that a person has to keep in mind is that is like rolling downhill. Its easy to do, but climbing back up can be hard. A New Horizon has been in business helping people since 1978 and have been non profit for more than 14 years. They realize that financial problems can lead to even more serious problems, such as personal and family troubles. A New Horizon has certified credit counselors waiting to help you anytime. You can talk to them online, or call a toll free number. Financial freedom doesn't have to be just a dream anymore. Now its achievable for everyone. Don't waste time and get mired deeper in financial problems. Its time to climb back up the hill. Its time for A New Horizon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wildblue brings high speed internet to rural areas

My wife and I live in a very remote area in the Ozark Mountains. Here it is very peaceful and quiet. We have tall trees all around, we are off the main road, and we are very happy here. We hope to have children soon to share this rural paradise with. One thing that used to be a problem was getting good internet service. We solved that problem with wild blue internet. We have had their service for several years now and it works a lot better than the old dial up we had with our phone company. Its great that now anyone can get high speed internet, no matter where they live. If you also live in a rural area and would like to have high speed internet, just click on the link above and go to the Wildblue site. Right now they are offering free installation and 3 different download speeds. We used the lower speed for a long time, but now we have upgraded to the pro version. its a lot faster and since we use more than one computer it serves us very well. Make no mistake. Wildblue is broadband satellite internet. Its serious speed, and its available nearly anywhere in the 48 continental states. Your new internet service will come via a small satellite dish mounted outside, and there is a small modem that plugs into the wall. The internet is always on, no need to log in. If you would like to start a home business, this is great. My wife and I earn extra money online from our home. Wildblue is also great for farmers. Having broadband internet on your farm will make it a lot easier to keep up with recent developements and prices. About 95% of small towns are still without high speed internet and that puts local farmers at a big disadvantage. That is no longer true, because Wildblue is now here and available to us all. Go check them out and get ready to surf the net at high speed!