Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All play and no work, makes Jack sleep late

I have been off work for nearly a week now, but we are going back to work tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about that lol. When I am off work for awhile I revert back to my "old ways" of going to bed late and sleeping late. Then when I have to get up early to go to work again, it nearly kills me. I am going to miss being with my wife tomorrow. I have gotten used to being here with her all day and night. We have a marriage that is rare in that we love to be together. We are best friends, as well as partners and lovers. The snow still hasn't melted here yet and even though we are going to work tomorrow, I don't think it will last very long. We may work for a full day, but I don't think we will be there 2 days in a row. My boss told me on the phone earlier today that when the weather clears, we will be working 6 days per week. I dread that! I get so tired that I can barely function, but on the other hand, the money is good. The more money I make, the faster our bills get paid off. The faster our bills get paid off, the sooner we can have a baby. That is one of our goals that we are working for. We are trying to earn extra money online to help. We do pretty well at it too, if google would stop disabling our blogs for no reason. My wife and I have each lost a blog to googles robot crawler now. The idiot thinks our blogs are spam, which they most certainly are not. Unfortunately there is no way to contact our internet lord to complain, so the loss is ours. We opened some blogs on another site though to protect ourselves. We plan to gradually move our work there, and I encourage you, my readers to do the same. Don't risk months or years of hard work just to see it disappear because some robot program doesn't understand its job. Protect yourselves and your work. Hope all of you are having a great week. Still lots of snow on the ground here and rain on the way. Next week, a chance of more snow. Yippeeeee, maybe more time off work to be with my wife. God bless you all!

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