Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seeing the National Finals Rodeo is a dream of mine

There is a rodeo near here that has had a yearly event for many years. It takes place the first few days of July with the 4th being the highlight. Thats the last day when its decided which cowboys win the most points. When I was a kid one of the things we looked forward to most was our yearly sojourn to see this rodeo. If we went on the 4th of July there was a firework show afterward. As good as that local rodeo is, its just one step on the ladder to success for the cowboys. What they are working so hard to achieve is to get to compete at the National Finals Rodeo, and hopefully to win. The cowboys at the NFR are the cream of the crop and the ultimate rodeo athletes. I would love to go see the NFR in person. That is the ultimate rodeo and good clean family fun. Tickets to the NFR is a dream of mine and hopefully soon I will realize that dream. It would make memories that would last for a lifetime. My wife is from another country and has never seen a rodeo. I know she would be very excited to see all of the action at the NFR. I am still like a kid in some ways, one of my favorite parts of the rodeo will always be the clowns, but the cowboy action is great too. When we buy tickets to the NFR, I want seats that are close to the chutes. That will put us close to the action and give us a great look at whats going on. My wife and I hope to have a kid soon and we want to make some special family memories at the NFR, just as my family did at our local rodeo. Rodeos are one of the best ways that a family can have fun together, because they are appealing to all ages and cultures. May all of your rodeo memories be as special as mine. Hope to see you soon at the NFR!

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