Monday, February 15, 2010

The flu finally caught up with my wife and me

My wife and I spent our Valentines Day with the flu. It was our first Valentines Day that we have ever got to spend together. In years past she was in her country and I was here in my country. She got the flu about 2 days after I did so she wasn't as sick as I was yesterday, but today she is feeling pretty bad. We both have fever, coughing, aches, and I had chills. I have been sick for 3 days now and didn't go to work today. Its bitterly cold outside and I am so glad I stayed home today. The wind is blowing and the windchill is about 13 degrees. I really need to go to work tomorrow and hopefully I can. My boss said he was sick when I called to tell him I wasn't coming. I guess he has the same thing we have. I will keep this pretty short today. My mind isn't working very well. I hope all of you escape the flu this year. Anyway, my wife and I did have a good Valentines Day in spite of being sick. I got her a huge teddy bear, some candy, flowers, and a card. She got me lots of candy, and a card, and lots of love. I told her that every day with her is like Valentines Day for me.... God bless you all

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