Saturday, February 6, 2010

Huffington Post says Green Police Video is Hilarious!

According to the Huffington Post, once again the Green Police are taking to the streets to guard our environment and "punish" or teach as they call it, wrongdoers. On Super Bowl Sunday they will be admonishing you for such monstrous deeds as styrofoam, napkin, or power strip violations. Better gird your loins and look out! The Green Police are doing a series of funny but dead serious public service announcements advocating a cleaner lifestyle for us all. Audi is sponsoring the announcements as a teaser for their commercial promoting their diesel technology. Its pretty cool; they even got Cheap Trick to re-record "Dream Police" as "Green Police" for the PSA's. Its gonna be a hoot! Check out the link above and you can watch one of the announcements ahead of time. It is humorous, but the lesson it carries is one that we all need to hear, and learn. In a day when most of us are lackadaisical about protecting the future of our world, the Green Police are out there giving their time and efforts to take care of us all. Pay attention, laugh, and learn.

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