Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intentional Chocolate on a mission of mercy

I have thought so many times how awful it would be if everything we know was suddenly erased. Wiped out by a natural disaster or a terrorist act. My wife is from another country and I used to worry a lot about her being safe there. Thank goodness she is now here safe with me. Well as safe as we can make it. Nobody is completely safe, no matter where they are. The people of Haiti found that out when the huge earthquake hit them recently. What a pitiful scene we have all seen on the news and internet. Of course we all have good intentions, and would like to give them the support and aid they need. Some do give that help, but most of us put it off day by day and never act. One company has acted and in a large way. Intentional Chocolate has gained my admiration from the unselfish act they are performing. From now until Valentines Day, 100% of the profits made from the sale of their products will go to charities directly supporting the Haitian relief effort. It is said that Dark Chocolate will give a person longer life, but when you buy chocolate from Intentional Chocolate, it will help to give life to many. Nearly all of us buy chocolate for Valentines Day. This year, instead of buying from a self supporting department store, I urge you to support the efforts of Intentional Chocolate, and help to save the lives and health of the unfortunate people who lost everything. Remember the next time it happens, it could be you, or me.

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