Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackberry winter is here

We are now having more cool weather. It rained this weekend and its really pretty cool outside. This is what the old timers call Blackberry Winter. When the blackberries start to bloom there is nearly always some cool weather. I doubt if the weather really watches blackberry bushes to see when to produce cool weather, but it happens pretty much every year anyway. My wife and I have stayed inside most of the weekend. We got a lot of rest. I mowed the yard today but other than that I haven't done much. My wife has been playing an online game called Shaiya. She loves that game. I bought her some protection so she doesn't lose all of her won points every time her character dies. Our chickens are still eating their eggs. I intended to buy some golf balls to put in their nests to discourage them, but of course I forgot it. We are only getting a few eggs now. Unless we are standing right there when the egg is laid it will be eaten by the other chickens in a matter of seconds. We are pretty discouraged and disappointed because we have so much time and money invested in our chickens. They may end up being roasted or in soup or dumplings if they don't change their ways lol. Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to stop chickens from eating eggs

Houston we have a problem. Our chickens are eating their own eggs. That somehow seems like cannibalism to me, but I know that chickens have no brains and will eat anything that tastes good. Not all are guilty but its hard to find the guilty ones. We seperated some of them today and so far we seem to have about 14 hens that do not eat eggs. I am going to buy some golf balls or something that resembles eggs and put those in their nests. That is supposed to help because when the chickens peck the golf balls they don't break of course. Soon they will get discouraged and stop trying; at least that is the theory. Another method is to empty an egg without breaking the shell and then fill it with something that tastes bad to chickens, like maybe mustard.

I have also been trying to think of a way to make some contraption for their nests that will let the eggs roll out of sight, but thats harder than it seems. First of all the eggs will probably break when they roll against each other; also chickens are notoriously dirty, even in their nests, so the eggs probably couldn't roll anyway. Perhaps the best way is to just make chicken and dumplings or roast chicken with the hens that eat eggs and start over...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It was a great weekend, working with my wife and relaxing together

My wife and I had a good weekend. We mowed the yard yesterday and then we hauled a big tank of water on our trailer and watered plants etc. We didn't work hard this weekend but we accomplished quite a bit. Today we walked to the beautiful place on our property that has huge rocks. We sat on one of the rocks for awhile and just relaxed and talked. Our dog was there with us and she had a good time too. That is a beautiful place. Its like a park. The rocks are huge. They have broken off of a small bluff and now there is rock walls and huge rocks laying on top of other huge rocks. There is a tree that has grown up right beside one of the big rocks. It is touching the rock in one place and the tree has grown a big bulge right where it touches the rock. The bulge looks like a dogs head and it appears that the dog is trying to eat the rock. You can see it in the picture above. My wife and I both enjoy nature and quiet peacefulness. We have an abundance of that here where we live. We live in the mountains with tall trees all around. We have our chickens and dog. We have a garden and a pond, a tractor, an ATV, etc to make our lives more enjoyable and productive. Of course we have internet and high def big screen tv, but we enjoy the outdoors more. I hope your weekend was as good as ours. Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our dreams are coming true, but there are always more dreams

Work, work, work. Its spring and in addition to my day job, my wife and I are also trying to build up the soil in our garden and a million other things besides. I am hauling a load of topsoil every day and tilling it into the garden. Its slow going but part of the garden is showing the rich dirt. Hopefully we will have lots of veggies to eat this summer and all of this hard work will pay off. We put some chicken litter in the dirt too and tilled it in. There is so much to do in the spring to get everything going. I need to mow the lawn but so far I haven't had time. Later we want to put in a big water storage tank. We have never had enough water in our well here. Country living is great but water is a necessity no matter where we live. We are gaining on our dreams, slowly but surely. We are trying to get all of our debts paid and then we want to have a baby. My wife and I were talking about our dreams just this afternoon and I told her that we will work on making our dreams come true, one at a time. If we got them all at once we would nave no dreams left and life would be meaningless. We want our dreams to come true one at a time and that will lead us to more dreams.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Such beautiful weather and a bad sunburn

My wife and I have been working outside all day and I am sunburned! I wore a tank top shirt and today is the first sun I have seen this year on my shoulders and neck. I am sore but I think not as sore as I will be tomorrow. Anyway on the good side I got our new trailer wired for lights, and I got the garden plowed, plus I worked on a chipper/shredder that was given to us yesterday by my sister and bro in law. I never did get it to start. I think the coil or electronic ignition is bad. It was such a beautiful day here. We have been outside nearly all day. My wife cleaned the inside of our two trucks and cooked some meat outside on the open fire. We enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully this lovely weather will last for a long time. Now that the trailer lights are working so I can pull it safely I will use it to haul some good topsoil for our garden. My wife is eager to start planting. We bought a small peach tree yesterday so now hopefully she will have peaches as well as veggies.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why are our personal blogs being attacked by Google?

Well, google has did it again. My page rank is gone and I don't have a clue why. Hopefully it will be back in a few days. I appreciate the fact that google is trying to get rid of spam, but they need to keep tabs on their crawlers and set some steadfast rules. My page rank goes up and down, over and over. My blogs get disabled and sometimes my whole account gets disabled. My wife and I have both lost blogs that we had many months of hard work in. We never got them back, even though we have tried over and over to get them restored. From what I have read online this is a problem that thousands of people are having. Where will it stop? Like I said I appreciate googles efforts in spam removal, but don't attack us honest people and don't take away our hard work for nothing. Google has cost my wife and I hundreds and probably thousands of dollars, most of it in work that we had already done but lost when our blogs were disabled. We sometimes write paid ads in our blogs, just as thousands of others do. I try to be careful to keep plenty of personal posts to keep up my page rank. Recently my wife and I started some blogs on another site. We are tired of google's careless antics, but guess what.... We still have no page rank on the other site. If the same blogs were here on Blogger, which is run by google, we would have a page rank long ago. Its just another way our internet dictator is trying to force us to bow down to them. I don't like it! I think that soon a lot of people will probably file lawsuits against google for discrimination and other charges. I will smile when they win. Maybe I will be one of them. I hope you are too. Maybe this post will get my blog disabled for good. If so I will see you on TypePad. This blog is already moved to that location, I just haven't activated it yet. I am waiting for google to disable it here again first heheheeee.. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A small personal loan will help us recover financially

I just missed two weeks of work because of an unexpected and severe bout with the flu. I had no sick leave and no health insurance. Since I went back to work every extra payment we have has come due, nearly at the same time, thats in addition to the regular monthly bills. I am struggling to keep the payments made on time so I don't lose my good credit standing but its nearly impossible lately. I got desperate and started looking online for a way out. I discovered a place called Money Now USA that provides just the kind of help I need. I can get a personal loan approved without ever leaving the comfort of my home. What Money Now USA does is to connect applicants to the largest network of payday and financial loan lenders, more than 150 in all. That helps you get the best interest rate, largest loan amount, and instant approval, just by filling out an online loan application. Even if your credit score is less than perfect it is ok because they have a Bad Credit Loan Finder that will find the perfect personal loan for you. Don't worry about giving your personal info online because the site is completely safe and secure. Here is more good news. When you are approved for a personal loan you will receive your money in as little as one hour! It can be wired directly to your account. 4 out of 5 applicants are approved for a payday loan and in fact, its the highest approval rate around. You have to be a U.S. citizen, over the age of 18, have a job and a checking or savings account active to be eligible. I am glad that I discovered Money Now USA. Now I can get a small loan to help pay the bills until I recover completely from missing so much work, and get all of the doctor bills paid. Check it out if you need some money quickly.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tutor Vista offers convenient online tutoring

I remember that when I was in school sometimes I had a lot of trouble keeping up with all of my studies. Some were easy but some gave me problems. That was long ago but its still the same. Most people have problems learning and understanding certain subjects. Of course there are live tutors, but sometimes that doesn't work out because the student is restricted to being available at a time that is suitable to the tutor and it can be expensive. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a service available online that you could use anytime to get chemistry help or help with any other subject that you find difficult? Well, wish no more because now there is Tutor Vista! Tutor Vista is an online tutoring system that will hook you up online with live tutors anytime, day or night. You can learn easily at your convenience, and listen to this. They have served more than 4 1/2 million live tutoring sessions! Thats a lot of experience. Tutor Vista offers tutoring on subjects such as algebra, english, math, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and many more. You can get physics help or chemistry answers anytime you need them. Tutor Vista is on a mission and that mission is to make world class education accessible and affordable to everyone. That education is available right from the comfort of your home, anytime you want to access it. Studies have shown that online tutoring is as effective as traditional methods so no need to pay high priced live tutors anymore. If you need some help with your schooling, click on the links above and go check out Tutor Vista. Then get ready to watch your grades rise!

I hurt my wife's feelings with my big mouth

Sometimes my big mouth talks when it should be quiet. My wife and I are very close but tonight I was very tired and I was impatient with her. It hurt her feelings and I was sorry that I did it. Maybe I should just go to the doctor and have him sew some stitches on my mouth to keep it from saying the wrong thing. Or maybe there is some electronic device that will guard my speech and turn down my volumn when I am about to say something I shouldn't. Anyway, to my wife I apologize for being impatient. She is the light of my life and I certainly never want to hurt her feelings. We got a free $100 Visa card from a service that we recently joined. I gave it to my wife to spend on herself because she usually only thinks of others when she spends money. She spent nearly half of it on gardening stuff, planters, a watering can, etc. She was happy and that was right before I got impatient and hurt her feelings. Thats just my luck, I do a good deed and then ruin it with my big mouth. Gonna have to learn when to speak and when to listen. Its raining here again and has been a pretty nasty day, but still a good day in all. Why is it good? Because its Friday!!! Happy weekend to everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This summer you can have a new sexy figure

Get ready to rumble! Spring is here and those unwanted pounds have to go, and soon! You have that new bathing suit that you want to fit into, and that evening gown that you used to wear but can't now. Well let me give you some advice. There is a website called Fit Click that has all of the answers for your weight problem. Check out their website and learn how to get the best best workout, learn weight loss tips, and more. On the Fit Click site you will find free tools, such as a BMI caculator, weight chart, measurement chart, body fat calculator and a recipe finder. There is even a body mass index calculator to make it easy for you to see just where you are at all times. There are blogs to read and so much information on weight loss and excercise that you will want to spend a lot of time just learning about proper diet, nutrition, and excercise. Dieting and eating right are great, and they are necessary to lose weight and be healthy; but without proper excercise you will have a hard time reaching your weight goal. Fit Click offers a no nonsense practical way to lose 1 to 2 pounds per day. You can join a weight loss group, such as "Girls in their 20 somethin's" or "50 and more to lose". That will give you the support you need. You can talk to others that have already been through what you are facing, and someday soon you will be the one that has advice to give. Friends, don't let this summer pass you by. Every day that passes is one less that we have to spend on this earth. Never give up. Try and try and you will achieve your goals. I am the voice of experience on that subject. YOU can lose weight. You can feel and look younger. You can enjoy this coming summer wearing that new bathing suit, and the gown you wore on that special night long ago...

Debt consolidation and credit counseling can change your life

Its an old story, you work, you borrow money, you make monthly payments, and all is well. As long as everything is going in the right way its well. What about when you lose your job, take a cut in pay, or have unforseen bills such as medical bills? Then sometimes all is not well and we need help to find our way out of the financial maze we have got lost in. Probably the best way to change our financial status back to something manageable is debt consolidation. What that amounts too is that instead of having many small bills to pay, you will just have one manageable payment. Another important way to help with financial troubles is credit counseling. With credit counseling you will learn new budgeting techniques, develop a realistic budget that you can live with, and once and for all get your debts manageable. Good credit counseling will help you be more financially responsible and literate to how to best take care of your money and make it go further. Debt consolidation is not a loan. Its simply a good way to lower your monthly payments and help you find a way to live and spend responsibly. Bills can overpower us all, no matter how hard we try and no matter how responsible we may be. Guard your good credit because it may someday make the difference in what kind of quality of life you have. If you are having trouble getting by and getting all your bills paid, I highly recommend that you check out the links above and you will discover a new horizon in your future.