Friday, April 9, 2010

Why are our personal blogs being attacked by Google?

Well, google has did it again. My page rank is gone and I don't have a clue why. Hopefully it will be back in a few days. I appreciate the fact that google is trying to get rid of spam, but they need to keep tabs on their crawlers and set some steadfast rules. My page rank goes up and down, over and over. My blogs get disabled and sometimes my whole account gets disabled. My wife and I have both lost blogs that we had many months of hard work in. We never got them back, even though we have tried over and over to get them restored. From what I have read online this is a problem that thousands of people are having. Where will it stop? Like I said I appreciate googles efforts in spam removal, but don't attack us honest people and don't take away our hard work for nothing. Google has cost my wife and I hundreds and probably thousands of dollars, most of it in work that we had already done but lost when our blogs were disabled. We sometimes write paid ads in our blogs, just as thousands of others do. I try to be careful to keep plenty of personal posts to keep up my page rank. Recently my wife and I started some blogs on another site. We are tired of google's careless antics, but guess what.... We still have no page rank on the other site. If the same blogs were here on Blogger, which is run by google, we would have a page rank long ago. Its just another way our internet dictator is trying to force us to bow down to them. I don't like it! I think that soon a lot of people will probably file lawsuits against google for discrimination and other charges. I will smile when they win. Maybe I will be one of them. I hope you are too. Maybe this post will get my blog disabled for good. If so I will see you on TypePad. This blog is already moved to that location, I just haven't activated it yet. I am waiting for google to disable it here again first heheheeee.. Have a great weekend!!!

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