Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our dreams are coming true, but there are always more dreams

Work, work, work. Its spring and in addition to my day job, my wife and I are also trying to build up the soil in our garden and a million other things besides. I am hauling a load of topsoil every day and tilling it into the garden. Its slow going but part of the garden is showing the rich dirt. Hopefully we will have lots of veggies to eat this summer and all of this hard work will pay off. We put some chicken litter in the dirt too and tilled it in. There is so much to do in the spring to get everything going. I need to mow the lawn but so far I haven't had time. Later we want to put in a big water storage tank. We have never had enough water in our well here. Country living is great but water is a necessity no matter where we live. We are gaining on our dreams, slowly but surely. We are trying to get all of our debts paid and then we want to have a baby. My wife and I were talking about our dreams just this afternoon and I told her that we will work on making our dreams come true, one at a time. If we got them all at once we would nave no dreams left and life would be meaningless. We want our dreams to come true one at a time and that will lead us to more dreams.....

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