Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to stop chickens from eating eggs

Houston we have a problem. Our chickens are eating their own eggs. That somehow seems like cannibalism to me, but I know that chickens have no brains and will eat anything that tastes good. Not all are guilty but its hard to find the guilty ones. We seperated some of them today and so far we seem to have about 14 hens that do not eat eggs. I am going to buy some golf balls or something that resembles eggs and put those in their nests. That is supposed to help because when the chickens peck the golf balls they don't break of course. Soon they will get discouraged and stop trying; at least that is the theory. Another method is to empty an egg without breaking the shell and then fill it with something that tastes bad to chickens, like maybe mustard.

I have also been trying to think of a way to make some contraption for their nests that will let the eggs roll out of sight, but thats harder than it seems. First of all the eggs will probably break when they roll against each other; also chickens are notoriously dirty, even in their nests, so the eggs probably couldn't roll anyway. Perhaps the best way is to just make chicken and dumplings or roast chicken with the hens that eat eggs and start over...

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