Sunday, April 11, 2010

Such beautiful weather and a bad sunburn

My wife and I have been working outside all day and I am sunburned! I wore a tank top shirt and today is the first sun I have seen this year on my shoulders and neck. I am sore but I think not as sore as I will be tomorrow. Anyway on the good side I got our new trailer wired for lights, and I got the garden plowed, plus I worked on a chipper/shredder that was given to us yesterday by my sister and bro in law. I never did get it to start. I think the coil or electronic ignition is bad. It was such a beautiful day here. We have been outside nearly all day. My wife cleaned the inside of our two trucks and cooked some meat outside on the open fire. We enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully this lovely weather will last for a long time. Now that the trailer lights are working so I can pull it safely I will use it to haul some good topsoil for our garden. My wife is eager to start planting. We bought a small peach tree yesterday so now hopefully she will have peaches as well as veggies.

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