Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackberry winter is here

We are now having more cool weather. It rained this weekend and its really pretty cool outside. This is what the old timers call Blackberry Winter. When the blackberries start to bloom there is nearly always some cool weather. I doubt if the weather really watches blackberry bushes to see when to produce cool weather, but it happens pretty much every year anyway. My wife and I have stayed inside most of the weekend. We got a lot of rest. I mowed the yard today but other than that I haven't done much. My wife has been playing an online game called Shaiya. She loves that game. I bought her some protection so she doesn't lose all of her won points every time her character dies. Our chickens are still eating their eggs. I intended to buy some golf balls to put in their nests to discourage them, but of course I forgot it. We are only getting a few eggs now. Unless we are standing right there when the egg is laid it will be eaten by the other chickens in a matter of seconds. We are pretty discouraged and disappointed because we have so much time and money invested in our chickens. They may end up being roasted or in soup or dumplings if they don't change their ways lol. Have a great week everyone!

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