Sunday, May 2, 2010

New design for our chicken nests to boost egg production

My wife and I have had a hard time with our chickens lately. They are laying a lot of eggs now but unfortunately they like the taste of their eggs even more than we do. We made some mistakes when we built their nests and I guess an egg broke and they got a taste. I had no idea that chickens would eat their own eggs like that. We have tried a couple of different nesting techniques since then, but to no avail. Today we built some new nests and if the hens will use them I think they will work great. What we are not sure of yet is if the hens will actually use the nests. We removed the old nests to try to force them to lay in the new ones. We will know soon whether we are back in the egg business or not. We were pretty aggravated about it all because we have so much time, money, and hard work invested in our chickens and chicken houses. On the bright side, the eggs that we got before they started eating them all tasted sooooooo good! They are about 10 times better tasting than eggs bought in the store. Why? Because our chickens eat more natural food, and that translates to better eggs. Well, we will see soon and I will write another post later and tell you how our new nests are working. Until then, have a great week!!!!

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