Friday, April 2, 2010

I hurt my wife's feelings with my big mouth

Sometimes my big mouth talks when it should be quiet. My wife and I are very close but tonight I was very tired and I was impatient with her. It hurt her feelings and I was sorry that I did it. Maybe I should just go to the doctor and have him sew some stitches on my mouth to keep it from saying the wrong thing. Or maybe there is some electronic device that will guard my speech and turn down my volumn when I am about to say something I shouldn't. Anyway, to my wife I apologize for being impatient. She is the light of my life and I certainly never want to hurt her feelings. We got a free $100 Visa card from a service that we recently joined. I gave it to my wife to spend on herself because she usually only thinks of others when she spends money. She spent nearly half of it on gardening stuff, planters, a watering can, etc. She was happy and that was right before I got impatient and hurt her feelings. Thats just my luck, I do a good deed and then ruin it with my big mouth. Gonna have to learn when to speak and when to listen. Its raining here again and has been a pretty nasty day, but still a good day in all. Why is it good? Because its Friday!!! Happy weekend to everyone!

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