Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beta blockers can save your life

It occurred to me recently that I am getting older, and therefore more prone to having a heart attack. I also don't eat right or exercise enough. I decided that its time to take matters into my own hands and try to take preventive action to help my health stay good. I have started taking fish oil and checking my blood pressure to make sure it remains within bounds. If I do start having problems with high blood pressure, a doctor will probably prescribe beta blockers for me.

What beta blockers do is to control how your body responds to some kinds of nerve impulses, therefore regulating your hearts contractions, beat rate, and the force with which it pumps. What this does is to help lower high blood pressure or relieve angina.

Beta blockers are one of the most potent medicines in the fight against heart attacks, and may be taken in tablet, capsules, liquid forms, or even by injection. There are several kinds, and some beta blockers are even added to eye drops to treat glaucoma.

Heart attacks no longer have to be inevitable. Now with modern medical care we can easily get regular check ups and treatments that can give us many more healthy years of life.

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