Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More paperwork, and a trip for biometrics

Today my wife and I drove to a nearby city to go through the next process in making my wife legal to say here in the United States forever. It seems that there are always more forms to fill out, more petitions to mail, more money to pay, and still it keeps going on and on. I will be so glad when all of the worry is done and my wife is naturalized here in America. I am thankful that all went well today, and we had a safe trip.

We were lucky that the weather was good today. There has been snow and freezing rain so much lately that we were afraid that we might not be able to make the trip. Unfortunately there is no way to cancel the appointment by telephone, since the USCIS office doesn’t even have a public telephone. If you need to reschedule you have to do it by mail, so there is no time if a winter storm hits at the last minute. We had to drive for miles over one of the most crooked and steep switchback mountain roads in the United States. Driving that road on ice would be hazardous beyond belief.

Hopefully all will continue to go well and soon my wife will be a full fledged citizen of our great country. She puts purpose in my life and we have gone through so much to be together. It is amazing what love can do. I have made 2 trips nearly halfway around the world, spent thousands, years of work and worry, just to get my wife here, and still we have more to do. God has been with us all the way and I am keeping my faith that he will see us through to the end.

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