Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get ready to save some money on eyeglasses!

Its always important to save all the money we can when we make purchases, but in this day and time its of utmost importance. I need some new eyeglasses and I have been dreading it, but no more. I was reading a review on about Zenni Optical. I was astonished to find out that in this time of exagerated prices, Zenni Optical still has eyeglasses for as little as $8 per pair. I know what you are thinking. For that price what can you expect? Well surprisingly you can expect a very high quality pair of eyeglasses. They have high quality lenses and frames made from stainless steel, plastic or acetate, even titanium or aluminum. There are some eyeglasses that cost slightly more, I noticed some as expensive as $19 per pair. Wow! Its hard to imagine how they do it, but I suggest that you read the review linked above and then go check out Zenni Optical's website. Actually I can tell you how they keep the prices so low. They don't sell name brands other than their own. You are paying for a high quality product, not for a name. There are no middlemen, and very little advertisement. Word of mouth advertisement is enough for Zenni Optical because once a person gets a top notch product for a small amount of money, they will certainly tell someone, just like I did. Go check them out and get ready to save some money!

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