Monday, March 22, 2010

Why does google mess with our page rank so much?

Yesterday my blog had a page rank of 3. Today its 0. I have no idea why, but its happened before. Tomorrow or next week it will probably be back to 3 again. It doesn't make sense to me because its pretty much the same blog every day. Of course I can't ascribe to being as wise and all knowing as our wonderful internet dictator. Being a mere mortal I have to succumb to their eccentricities and wait hoping to be noticed in a favorable way. Woe unto me if they should decide that I am not worthy, as they did on another blog that I had worked on for several months. That blog had a page rank of 4 one day and the next day it was gone. Sent to Purgatory by our all powerful internet god. It was judged to be nothing but spam and therefore unfit to be seen by other bloggers. What it really was is a blog filled with travel information and tips, including pictures and articles about amusement parks, hotels, travel destinations, etc. Of course that is only my opinion. I am only the one that made the blog, not the judge and jury of it. Well, hopefully google will get their head out of their ass and restore my page rank on this blog. If not, I have already moved it to Typepad and nearly to publish it. This is my last blog on Blogger where google has total control. If my page rank is not back soon, look for me on TypePad. I highly recommend Typepad to you as well. It sucks to work for months here on Blogger and then have it yanked away by google because their idiot robot crawler doesn't know spam from ham. Google doesn't seem to have any real people working for them. If you don't believe me, try to contact them and talk to a real person. If you can achieve that, you know something I don't....

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