Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am starving and homemade chili is just what I need to feel better

Spring is in the air! Its such a beautiful day here. The sky is blue and the temperature is in the fifties. The next few days are supposed to be even warmer, but rain returns next Monday. Oh well, it can't last forever. I think we will have a wet spring. I finally got over the flu and now I am starving! I don't mean merely hungry, I mean starving. I can't get enough to eat, and even when I do I get hungry again within the hour. That comes from losing 15 pounds with the flu I guess. I have been craving chili and made a big potful a couple of days ago. I guess my wife was craving it too because it certainly didn't last long. Right now on the stove is,,,, you guessed it. Another pot of chili, even bigger than the first one. We also have a small roast cooking but we may save it for sandwiches tomorrow. Work has been going pretty well this week. I was very weak for the first couple of days but thanks to my huge appetite I am much stronger now. My wife had a reaction to the antibiotics they gave her for bronchitis and now she is itching all over and covered with a bad rash. I told her to hang in there. It should be gone in a few days, if it doesn't drive her nuts first. It itches so bad she can't bear it sometimes. I went to town and got her some Benadryl and it helps some. I read up about Amoxicillin reaction online and the rash is usually not serious and doesn't require treatment. It just itches like heck and lasts for several days. Well, gotta go check out that chili now. Hope everyones weekend weather is as wonderful as it is supposed to be here. Have a great one!

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