Friday, March 26, 2010

Use the power of self confidence in dating

If you are a single man you probably know how difficult it can be to pick up women. What you may not know is that it doesn't have to be that way. Many things about a man can turn a woman off, such as our body language. Inside we may feel that we are not worthy of love, or attractive enough to appeal to women. That is usually not true. If you will watch closely you will see that often men that are not handsome at all have the power to to get nearly any woman they want. So what is their secret? In a nutshell it is self confidence. A man doesn't have to know just the right words to say, and in fact there are no just right words to say. There are some good pick up lines of course, but if a man says them with no confidence, they are worthless. To attract women a man needs to work on improving his self esteem because with higher self esteem comes confidence. Being cocky or arrogant is usually a turn off to women. Self esteem is quiet confidence that will allow a man to approach a woman on equal ground. Self esteem means that when you do approach a woman and get turned down, you don't lose your confidence to approach another woman. Not all people are compatible, so when a man gets turned down it doesn't mean anything bad. It could just mean that the woman has already found the man she wants, she may not have time to date, or she may just be having a bad day and not in the mood for dating. Even famous movie hunks occasionally get refused so just keep trying. Let me suggest that you visit an online site called The Power To Attract and watch a video for free. Just click on the links above and you will go to their site. May all of your dating dreams come true and may you find the woman of your dreams like I did!

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