Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally a teaching course for doctors

If you are in the medical profession its important that you continue learning, and also share with others what you have already learned. Now you can take a medical teaching course in either London or Oxford. This medical teaching course for doctors will help you learn to teach easily to others what you know. There is a 3 day management course for doctors and a 1 day essentials and leadership course, as well as a 2 day course. You can even go as a small group. This is really a teach the teacher course because the medical profession is something that needs everything learned by one to be shared to many. Some doctors may have very uncommon and extraordinary medical skills, but don't know how to properly teach them to other doctors or students. Thats why Oxford Medical offers this medical teach the teacher course for doctors. This course will help you gain training in the theory of adult education, help you develop and write structured learning objectives, different learning styles, how to deal with difficult students, how to perfect your presentation skills, and much more. I urge you strongly to take advantage of this course. The price is right, plus you will be passing on your hard earned knowledge. Your patients and the patients of others will benefit from your choice. Check it out!

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