Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If all else fails, read the instructions

My wife and I had a wonderful Valentines Day together. We celebrated early by going shopping for a new tv stand for our LCD tv. Luckily we both agreed on which one we liked most and brought it home. I was somewhat intimidated by all of the parts to put together, but I opened them all, laid them out on a piece of cardboard, and labeled them plainly with a magic marker so I could locate them easily. It was kind of funny because half of the nuts and bolts were extra. They were included simply to install the stand to practically any tv made. I had opened about a dozen or more packages and done all of that labeling for no reason. We packed up the extra’s and kept them for future use. The one time in my life when I try to plan ahead on putting something together, I even read ahead on the instructions, it did no good. From now on its back to my old ways. I will put together everything I can, and THEN read the instructions if I run into a snag. My motto from now on is, “if all else fails, read the instructions”. It works nearly half the time…..

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