Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As usual, a few selfish idiots ruin it for us all

The price of gasoline is going steadily up. Its ridiculous really, and it will sink our nation, and probably the whole world if it isn’t stopped soon. I have no idea why our government won’t stand up to the oil companies and set some rules and regulations for them to follow. Price gouging is supposed to be illegal. It makes me wonder how much money is being handed off under the table to the ones that have the power to stop this ignorance, if they chose too. Its hard to comprehend the greed that drives some people. Companies are driven by the idea that they have to make profits “right now” to please their stockholders, and sometimes common sense takes a back seat. What the idiots don’t seem to realize is that the more gasoline goes up, the more everything else goes up, and the less a dollar is worth. They make a lot more dollars, but they can buy less with them. That standard affects us all. Every week we see our paychecks buy less and less. If it keeps going, soon we may fulfill the Biblical prediction that we will throw our money into the streets because it is worthless. Right now a one dollar bill and a similar sized piece of toilet tissue are close to the same value. That is an exaggeration of course, but maybe not for long.

It seems that mankind is capable of nearly anything that pertains to technology. Unfortunately we still do not have enough sense to govern ourselves with decency and common sense. We hasten our own end with greed and our desire to have it all right now. There have been a couple of emails circulating for awhile that sicken me. One shows a car belonging to an oil sheik that is covered with diamonds, inside and out. The other email is also of a car. It has a body made entirely of white gold. How selfish and ignorant these people must be to do something so crude while millions around the world are starving. Is it really worth it to them? I think these people had better enjoy their ill gotten toys in this world; the next world may not be so much fun for them….

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