Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shop online with Shopwiki, and save money and time

My wife and I love to shop online. We have found that we nearly always get the best bargains and certainly the most choices, and it doesn't cost us anything to browse. With the price of gasoline going steadily up and up, its nice to just sit here at home and look at what interests us. That way all of our extra money can be used for buying things we need and want, instead of further enriching the oil companies by wasting gasoline driving from store to store.  My wife prefers to shop for health and beauty items, while I am more into organic health and beauty products. We buy a lot of bath and body care products also, and there are some terrific deals online for all of these items.

One of our biggest assets to shopping online is Shopwiki.com. They are like a search engine for shopping that will bring up many more items per search than ordinary searches do. What is different about Shopwiki.com is that they crawl the web, similar to the way Google sends crawlers to websites to check them out. While most shopping sites only bring up stores that pay them, Shopwiki.com brings up every site that pertains to the item you are searching for, even if they don't receive payment for the listing. You and I are the ones that receive the rewards, and best of all, their service is free of charge to use.

Its time to start girding our loins and find ways to make our money go further. I hate the thought that most of my money gets put into my trucks gas tank every week. We all still have a chance to maintain our accustomed way of life, if we make wise decisions. One of those decisions needs to be that we will do more shopping online to get the best deals, and save gasoline and time. Shopwiki.com is a powerful tool to assist us in achieving that goal.

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