Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I got to drive a Dodge Challenger with a hemi engine!

Yes its true. I did get to drive a Dodge Challenger with a hemi engine. All I have to say about that is wow! That was a nice car and it had power galore. It belongs to my cousin and I was teasing her about driving it. A few minutes later she came walking up to me and handed me the key and told me to take it for a drive. I feebly tried to dissuade her but quickly gave in and my wife and I took it down the road for a short drive. We both liked it a lot. Its shiny black as you can see in the picture, and the pretty lady is my wife. Nothing better than a pretty girl standing by a pretty car! Anyway like I said we were both inpressed with the car and now I wish we had one. They cost too much though and we have too many other things we want to accomplish in the near future, such as having a baby and getting all of our debts paid. For those of you that haven't driven a car that has a hemi engine let me try to describe it for you. For some reason unknown to me a hemi engine seems to run better and smoother than an ordinary engine. Just a little touch on the accelerator makes them forge ahead smoothly, and usually they will put your back tight against the seat with the g-forces of their power. In addition a hemi engine JUST SOUNDS GOOD!! They sound exactly like what their purpose is, to run better and faster than other engines. They sound MEAN and throaty, but with a whine that lets you know they will wind tighter and tighter, until whatever you are competing against is overcome. My bro has two Dodge pickups and both have hemi's. I have driven them both and one day he and I were going somewhere and he let me drive. He told me to burn rubber and see how far I could leave a black mark on the road. Well once again I only protested feebly and gave in pretty easily. Did I leave a black mark! Holy frijole, that thing burned the tires half off and left melted rubber under the fenders. The speedometer was doing over 100 mph but in real time we were barely moving. I finally had to let off the accelerator and brake it to get it to stop. I measured the black marks later and they were 1/10th of a mile long. I guess if I hadn't stopped it from spinning it wouldn't have stopped until the tires blew out. This truck is a full size, extended cab 4WD. Its not light, but with that hemi its unbelievable how it moves. What will the Dodge Challenger that I drove do? I don't know because I didn't hotrod it, but I did mash the gas just a little and it jumped. I think it would outrun my bro's truck. Top speed is supposed to be in the 160 mph area. I would love to have one but like I said, just too much going on right now. If you get a chance try to drive something with a hemi engine and I bet you will agree with me that there is nothing like them.

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